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Become a Registered Home School Tester

Oregon law (OAR 581-021-0026) requires a person administering home school testing to be qualified and neutral.

A qualified person is an individual who:

  • Holds a current personnel service license or teaching license from Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, or…
  • Has been licensed by the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners, or…
  • Has met the publisher’s qualifications for purchase AND evidence of purchase of at least one test from the list of approved tests, or…
  • Provides evidence of satisfactory completion of a graduate course in which test administration and interpretation is included in the objective, or…
  • Provides evidence of having been previously qualified as a tester and has during the previous year administered at least one test from the list of approved tests

A neutral person means an individual selected by the parent or guardian of the child to be taught at home who has no relationship by bloodline or marriage to the child.

If you feel you meet both of these important criteria and wish to test home school students in Oregon, it is suggested that you register with Oregon Department of Education.

You may also register directly with LBL. If you are not on the ODE statewide tester list, then you must send a copy of your qualification (as listed above) along with your name, contact information and area you wish to serve (Linn County or Linn and Benton County, etc). Your name and contact information will then be published on our Home School Resource sheet and web site. Please let us know if you DO NOT want to be included in these publications.

How are test results reported to the ESD?

It is the parent’s legal responsibility to submit test results. LBL will request applicable test results from all home school students by September 30th of their required testing year. Once LBL receives test results, a confirmation letter is sent to the family right away. If the required testing is not completed and results are not submitted to our office, the student will be out of compliance with home school laws and therefore removed from the home school roster.  The parents will need to enroll the student in public or private school within 10 days of being removed from home school to avoid a truancy citation, which carries a $160 fine.

Standardized achievement test results reported to the LBL must include the following essential information:

  • Student name, Birth date, and grade level
  • Test name and Level; Date test was administered
  • Total battery percentile score/National Percentile Rank
  • Tester Name, Address and Qualification statement

Testers are encouraged, but not required to use our Test Score Report Form . To obtain a master copy, please download if from our website or contact our office.

What are the testing requirements for home school students?

A home school student must be tested at the completion of grades 3, 5, 8 and 10 by August 15th.

New home school students are not required to submit the first test result for the first 18 months after being withdrawn from public or private school.  If your child completes the 3rd, 5th, 8th or 10th grade during this 18-month window of time, testing does not need to occur until the next required grade level.  If the child never attended public or private school, the first test must be taken at the end of 3rd grade.

Home school students establishing eligibility for interscholastic activities (athletics, music, speech, etc.) must test annually at the end of each school year (prior to Aug. 15th) because test scores are used to determine eligibility for the following year.  Parents need to submit these test results directly to their resident school district.

The same assessment schedule applies to disabled and non-disabled children.   Oregon State law provides that children with disabilities be evaluated for “satisfactory educational progress” according to the recommendations of an individualized education plan (IEP) or privately developed plan (PDP).  See Assessment of Home School Students with Disabilities or call our office for more information.

Acceptable tests for home school students include:

  • TerraNova 2nd Edition/CAT 6
  • TerraNova 3rd Edition
  • Stanford Achievement Test 10th Edition
  • Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) and Iowa Test of Educational Development (ITED)

Public school tests such as the OAKS test or Smarter Balanced test are not acceptable for home school testing.

Parents often ask about using the Oregon Statewide Assessment tests, or the SAT, ACT or even GED for high school age students.  Oregon law sets the tests approved for home school students and we cannot accept other tests – unless it is specified in a student’s IEP or PDP.

A home school student who pursues a GED or High School diploma is not released from regular home school testing requirements until LBL receives written verification that the student has been awarded the certificate.

If you have any questions regarding specific student situations or LBL Home School office procedures, please contact the Home School office at 541.812.2687 or email.

Where do I get testing materials?

Test Publishers

  • TerraNova
    CTB/McGraw-Hill Order Services Center
    20 Ryan Ranch Road
    Monterey, CA 93940
  • Iowa Tests of Basic Skills / Test of Achievement and Proficiency
    The Riverside Publishing Company
    Customer Service
    425 Spring Lake Dr.
    Itasca, IL 60143
  • Stanford Achievement Test Battery
    Pearson Education

Other Testers and Home School Support Groups

We have been told that test publishers often will only sell their tests in large packets, making the cost prohibitive for someone wishing to give only a few tests a year. Unfortunately, we have no control over the distribution or availability of tests required for home school. We suggest that you contact other testers or home school support groups to get more information about purchasing small numbers of tests.

Home School – Contact

Program Administrator:
Ann Lavond

Home School Registrar:
Sam Rounsavell


School District Contacts
For families in the 12 districts of Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties.

Community College Contacts
Local community colleges offering GED and other resources to older home school students.

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LBL ESD is providing modified services due to COVID-19 and the statewide school closure. Please contact 541-812-2600 for assistance. Limited staffing during the closure will make response to public inquiry difficult, and some inquiries may be delayed until programs reopen.