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Autism Parent Resources


ArrowWhat's Current in Oregon?
ArrowFrom LBL ESD (Handbook & Autism Newsletter)
ArrowEarly Signs of ASD
Learn the Signs - Act Early CDC References and resources for parents. Learning the Early Signs of ASD
Differential Diagnosis Provides information on differential diagnosis.  It provides information on similarities and differences between ASD and other disabilities (ie: ADHD, CD, OHI etc.).
ArrowBasic Resources
Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes you Knew By the Author: Ellen Notbohm
100 Day Kit - Autism Speaks Free....they will mail it to you or it is available for download.
Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Tool Kit - Autism Speaks Resources for parents - focuses on Students with Asperger Syndrome.
Dental Tool Kit Check this out before going to the dentist.
Sleep Tool Kit Resource for Parents around Sleeping
Toilet Training Tool Kit Resource for Toilet Training
Challenging Behavior Tool Kit Tool Kit that addresses challening behaviors for students on the Spectrum
Blood Draw Tool Kit For Parents
Blood Draw Tool Kit For Providers
Health Treatment Tool Kit Resource that details information around specific Health Treatments for students with ASD.
Visual Supports Tool Kit Information around functional and best practice tools when using visuals.
What is ABA A Guide for Parents
National Autism Center - Standards Report Provides information regarding National Standards and Practices for ASD.
MCH Library at Georgetown University (links to other resourcesfor families) A must see!!
ArrowTransition to College
Transition to College Information Helpful guide for transition process.
ArrowBehavior Strategies and Tools
Tim Feeny Big Deal/Little Deal - Self Regulation This is a detailed site with a wealth of information on self-regulation, organization, behavior management, positive behavior supports, flexibility, anger management, problem solving etc. It includes tutorials inboth written and video format.
5 Point Scale Printable Tool for Self-Regulation
Printable Behavior Charts This site includes a varitey of printable behavior charts from building classroom skills to skills at home (homework, pet care, toilet training).
Autism Hand in Hand This site provides FREE printables that include simple social stories, sequencing cards, and flash cards. 
ArrowFREE Visual Supports and FREE Online Educational Games

Parents - Please look on Educator Page for Free Printables!!

Pics 4 Learning - Free photos for visual supports Very popular site to find free, safe-to-use images for parent, teachers and students.
Do2learn: Line Drawing Visuals Site provides FREE learning tools, visuals, and schedules.
Veezzle Wonderful free stock photo search engine.
Free Photo Bank Easy way to find creative common images.
Open Clip Art Great way to find free clip art.
Find Icons Nice site for free icons.
ZacBrowser Internet Browser designed specifically for students with ASD
Spelling City FREE Site that includes interactive spelling tests on the computer as well as games, spelling lists, vocabulary, etc.
Teach Town (ages 2-7) Over 800 interactive lessons available on the computer. There is a fee involved with this program.
Handwriting Without Tears Site provides information on easy and fun materials and strategies for teaching handwriting (both educators and parents).


ArrowLocal Autism Support Groups


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