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Augmentative Communication

Augmentative communication services are intended to provide information, strategies, systems, and devices that will enhance a child’s ability to communicate effectively in their educational and daily activities. The focus of augmentative communication services is to augment or provide an alterative to speech.


Specialists and school staff work together to evaluate communication needs, opportunities, and barriers. A plan of individualized strategies, methods, devices, and/or systems is developed to increase functional communication opportunities.

Inservice Training and Resources
Training, information, and resources are available to school staff and families to assist in the implementation of recommendations.

Consultation and Support
Technical information, consultation, training, and follow-up services are provided to school staff to enhance effective implementation of recommendations.

Program Planning
Specialists assist school staff to develop appropriate communication goals and supports for a child’s IFSP/IEP. Specialists assist school teams to access financial resources for funding needed assistive devices and equipment.

Loan Bank
Specialists provide equipment on a short-term loan, trial basis to allow teams to assess the effectiveness of devices and/or systems for specific children.

Refer a Child for an Evaluation

Cascade Regional Services are accessed through the local early intervention unit or educational agency where the child attends school.

How to refer a child

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