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LBL ESD is providing modified services due to COVID-19. Please contact 541-812-2600 for assistance.

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Home School Notification

Please Note:

ORS 339.030 has been amended to lower the age of compulsory attendance from 7 to 6.
You are required to notify the ESD of your intent to homeschool if your child is age 6 by Sept. 1st.

The home school year for LBL does not begin until July. Before then we cannot process home school notifications for the upcoming school year. If you turn in a notification for the upcoming school year before July, it will be held and processed once our new school year begins. Once your student is registered for home school, you will receive a confirmation letter. If you turn in an early notification and do not receive a confirmation letter by August 1st, please contact our office. If you have questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact our office 541-812-2687 or email.

Register Here, Online or PDF
To register your child(ren) as a new home school student(s), complete the Home School Notification Form either online or in PDF format.

Home School Notification Form online:

Home School Notification Form in PDF format:
Download and complete the Home School Notification Form below and use the submit button at the bottom of the form to return it to Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District (LBL). The submit button will use Adobe Reader/Acrobat to create a PDF attachment of your notification in your email program. Please send that email to (If this does not occur you may also chose to print and return the form by fax or mail):

Once LBL receives your home school notification form, a confirmation letter will be sent within approximately 10 business days. Online notifications will also receive a will reply by email. If you do not receive the expected letter or email confirmation, please contact our office by phone 541-812-2687 or email.

You must notify LBL of your intentions to home school within 10 days of withdrawing your child from public or private school.  If your child has never attended school, you must notify us of your intentions to home school once the child is seven years old.

Your child’s home school notification will remain active until you notify us of a placement change.  Students cannot be enrolled in a local public school until they have been released from home school.  Please contact our office before registering your student in public/private school, or if you are moving out of the Linn, Benton or Lincoln area.

Oregon online public charter schools are part of the public school system, and not considered a home schooling option. These schools are tuition free, and the entire curriculum is provided. Students enrolled in an Oregon online public charter school are public school students and are NOT considered home school students.

Home School – Contact

Program Administrator:
Ann Lavond

Home School Registrar:
Sam Rounsavell


School District Contacts
For families in the 12 districts of Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties.

Community College Contacts
Local community colleges offering GED and other resources to older home school students.

Important Message

LBL ESD is providing modified services due to COVID-19 and the statewide school closure. Please contact 541-812-2600 for assistance. Limited staffing during the closure will make response to public inquiry difficult, and some inquiries may be delayed until programs reopen.