This form is designed to satisfy notification requirements as set forth in OAR 581-021-0026 (1)(f).
Please complete all required information.

Parent Guardian Information

(Oregon law does not require an email address as part of a student’s home school notification. However, to use this e-form, we do require a valid email address. You may choose to print and submit this form another way if you are unwilling to provide an email address)

Release of Student Information

LBL ESD will not disclose personally identifiable information without parent or eligible student authorization or as provided by law. Federal law requires education service districts to provide, upon request, access to directory information by a military recruiter or institution of higher education, unless the parent specifically opts out. (Select the checkbox on the options below that are applicable to you)

By Oregon law, both parents (whether married, separated, or divorced) have access to the records of a student who is under 18 unless the district is provided evidence that there is a court order, state statute or legally binding document that specifically revokes these rights.

Student Information

Under Oregon law, students who are age 6 on or before September 1st must be enrolled in school – public, private or home school.

As required by ORS 339.035, I am providing information to Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District stating my intent to home school the above named child. I understand that this notice must be filed with the ESD within ten calendar days of withdrawing the above named child from school, and that this information will be provided to the resident school and district by the ESD. I understand that the above named child needs to complete standardized achievement testing at applicable dates per ORS 339.035, and that LBL ESD request test results from all home schooled students. I understand that home school parents have the full responsibility for their student’s education, including all curriculum ch oices and record keeping. LBL ESD is not able to provide curriculum, books or materials, and is not involved in the direct education of home school students. LBL ESD is not involved in reviewing, approving, or monitoring a home school student’s education, beyond receiving required test results. No credits, transcript or diplomas are issued by LBL ESD for home school students.

Once we receive your online notification, we will reply by email. Generally within 10 business days you will be sent confirmation of home school enrollment letter which will give you information about how to remain in compliance with home school laws. If you do not receive an email and a letter, please contact our office by phone 541-812-2687 or email.

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