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Home School Tutors

LBL does not endorse the following individuals. Resources are provided for your information.

How To Read This Information

Listed are the names and telephone numbers of those who desire to tutor. Those listed as certified are teachers from the classroom.  Examples of non-certified persons would be educational assistants from classrooms or college students about to graduate.

The listings then show what grades the tutors are willing to work with and the subjects they prefer to teach. “General” includes all subject areas, “Math” could include anything from General Math to Geometry and “Science” could include anything from General Science to Biology, Chemistry or Physics. Next are the listed areas to which the tutors are willing to travel and whether they will tutor for summer only or the school year as well.

All arrangements are to be worked out between the tutor and parent(s). This is strictly a reference source.

We hope that you find this information useful.

Home School – Contact

Program Administrator:
Ann Lavond

Home School Registrar:
Sam Rounsavell


School District Contacts
For families in the 12 districts of Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties.

Community College Contacts
Local community colleges offering GED and other resources to older home school students.