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New LBL Training Signup Calendar
July 25, 2016

LBL is now using a new calendar where users can sign up for training events. The registration and event signup process should be easier than before. Please follow the links below: Training Events Calendar FAQ page

Reporting Guide for District College Students
June 3, 2016

A new Quick Reference Guide is available that covers the reporting requirements for high school students taking college courses paid for by the district.  Here’s the link:  

Career Technical Education Reporting – Training Available
April 7, 2016

We have 3 new recorded training sessions available for anyone working with the Career Technical Education Reporting for your school.  Go to and select the Recorded Training drop-down.  These new sessions are in .WMV format, and will play with your … Read More

Use Variable Export to Verify Student Contacts
November 2, 2015

We’ve posted a new Quick Reference Guide that will guide you through using the WebSIS Student Variable Export to create a list of contact information.  Use this list to verify your student contact data on a regular basis.  This is an example of … Read More

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