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WebSIS Quick Notes

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Menu ItemTab or Sub-MenuSubjectDescription
ReportsAssessment Score ReportA new export option is available for OAKS, SBAC, and all tests on the Other Assessments tab. The export is for a single test type, and you can add additional filters for grade, cohort, date range, and assessment grade. For large schools, we recommend running this report in ‘batch’ mode. (WHD14343)/160226/New
ReportsPrimary Review Section HDHS requires this new statistical form as part of the final Primary Review. This report gives shot summary and non-medical exemption summary for all grades, not just KG and Grade 7. (WHD16646)/160226/New
ReportsPrimary Review Exemption ReportThis report uses the summary totals from Form H to calculate shot and exemption percentage rates by school. This form may be run at any time of year by entering a specific date. During the Primary Review process, it will retain the original date from Form A, so the totals reflect the same student counts used for the Primary Review process. After your final Primary Review is complete, you can change the date as needed. (WHD15240)/160226/New
My StudentsMain PageWe added a DBN filter field to My Students. Use this field to make a direct hit on a student. This page defaults to ‘Enrolled’ students; if you search by a DBN you may want to change the Status filter to blank to search all students. (WHD16575)/160226/Enhancement
ReportsContact Mailing Cross Reference ReportWe added a Parent/Guardian filter to this report. This allows you to run a report to match Mailing Labels by Parent Name, either Lives With or Non-Lives With. (WHD13602)/160226/Enhancement
Staff SecurityStaff DetailWe added Phone # and Extension to the staff detail page. This allows you to enter individual contact numbers which will show on the Staff Directory export and the School Profile Personnel export. (WHD14249)/160226/Enhancement
My StudentsMain PageWe temporarily removed the totals [=] button from the screen to improve response time. Watch for it to return in a future build./160226/Fixes
My StudentsAdditional Programs tabWe changed the sort order of the screen display. Program enrollments for a student will display by year, date range, and program type order. This makes it easier to identify all programs a student is participating in by year. (WHD15206)/160226/Fixes
My StudentsEnrollment History tab(Phase 2) We previously separated the End and Withdrawal dates into separate columns on the enrollment history tab. The Withdraw date is now updated to show the Monday-Friday date which is reported to ODE. Example: A student who last attends on Friday, (End) 2/19/2016, will show a Withdraw Date of Monday, 2/22/2016, instead of the Saturday date which previously showed. (WHD15988)/160226/Fixes
My StudentsOther Assessments tabWe removed the writing scale score notation (2-12 and 1-36). The field is not year specific and will accept values up to 36. (WHD14769)/160226/Fixes
My StudentsState Assessments tabWe added Smarter Balance ELA and Math to the Assessment dropdown on the Transfer entry screen. This now allows you to enter SBAC scores manually for students transferring in from a non-LBL WebSIS district. We are still working on an automated process to pull scores from ODE for transfer students. (WHD14660)/160226/Fixes
ProcessesConvert Incomplete to FailureThe process was presenting a server error. We fixed the problem and it is running successfully. You must select a grade interval then the [Submit] button will run a process that converts in I-incomplete grades to F-failure grades for the specified interval. It only changes grades in WebSIS. It does not change grades in Pinnacle. (WHD16720)/160226/Fixes
ReportsCredit Deficiency ReportThe report was originally designed for active students so it was not working after students withdrew in June. We changed it so that it will always include WC withdrawn students. This also allows you to run the report for previous environment years. (WHD9497)/160226/Fixes
ReportsStudent Variable ExportResident and Attending School fields were showing the 3-digit LBL number. We changed the description to School# and added additional field selections for Resident and Attending School names. (WHD14956)/160226/Fixes
ReportsStudent Variable ExportWe corrected the saved templates to hold existing field values when you select additional fields from the same category. If you want to remove one or more fields from an existing template, use the trashcan [delete] icon. (WHD14647)/160226/Fixes
State AssessmentUpload Data FileThe USID upload has been incorrectly populating TSPC numbers for non-certified staff if their last name matched a certified staff person immediately preceding them in the staff file. We have corrected the import process. RECOMMENDATION: Please run a USID production download from ODE and import it into WebSIS. The new upload will remove/blank incorrect TSPC numbers for non-certified staff who have been improperly assigned from earlier uploads. (WHD16623)/160226/Fixes
Student InformationTeacher/Advisor PageThe Next page link was jumping 2 pages instead of 1. Advisor changes were not always saving properly. We fixed a code issue and the screen is paging and saving properly now. (WHD15670)/160226/Fixes
Maintain TablesEssential Skills Cut ScoresThis new table shows the minimum cut score of various types of tests available for HS Essential Skills. This table will allow LBL to begin assessing third party tests such as ACT, SAT, and PSAT for completion of ES. SBAC scores will always take priority and will override a third party test if a passing score is obtained. (WHD13608)/160203/New
Maintain TablesCourse CatalogWe added the Low/High curriculum grade fields to the course catalog export. This information is maintained in the SILK district course catalog on the miscellaneous tab. (WHD15838)/160203/Enhancement
My StudentsEnrollment History tabPhase 1 – We separated the End/Withdraw dates into separate columns and reordered the program display. The BSF-Basic Funding record will display with associated program enrollments in the same date range showing directly under the BSF record. A future build (Phase 2) will change the Withdraw dates to reflect only Monday-Friday dates associated with ODE reporting. (WHD14893)/160203/Enhancement
ReportsAthletic Eligibility ReportWe added 3 additional filters options to the ‘Show Students’ dropdown. You can select students with ‘Less than 3, 4, or 5’ academic subjects. NOTE: An academic subject is any course identified as earning credit, receiving grades, and printing on a transcript. (WHD6794)/160203/Enhancement
ReportsSBAC/OAKS Area Summary ReportWe added Smarter Balanced scores and change the name of the OAKS Area Summary report to include SBAC information. This report just shows cut scores. It does not include level information. SBAC scores are 4-digit. OAKS scores are 3-digit. (WHD13606)/160203/Enhancement
State ReportingDistrict ReportingLow/High curriculum grade information entered in the SILK course catalog now shows on the IUID, Staff Assignment, and Class Roster downloads. (WHD15238)/160203/Enhancement
Enroll StudentEnrollment tabWe found that schools could enroll students who were already actively enrolled at an LTCT facility creating overlapping dates. While this did not cause errors in ADM reporting, we corrected the screen to edit LTCT students the same as regular students. (WHD16018)/160203/Fixes
Maintain TablesBehavior Incident/Response TablesWe changed the Behavior code tables to display all codes alphabetically instead of by Global/District/School order. This change re-ordered how the codes display in the dropdown on the entry screen. You can quickly identify if you have duplicate descriptions active in the table. Please ‘End Date’ school or district codes that already exist at the Global level. (WHD15551)/160203/Fixes
My StudentsAttendance tabKG students marked absent for half-day were still showing 1.0 in the far right St. Rpt. Absence column. The report from the tab was also showing a full-day state reported absence even though detail showed half-day. This was a screen display issue only; attendance was reported correctly to ODE. The screen now shows .5/1.0 absences for regular, full-time KG students. (WHD15708)/160203/Fixes
My StudentsDemographic tabWe updated the list of Native American Tribes in the dropdown to align with ODE changes. (WHD15287)/160203/Fixes
ReportsBehavior Reported by SummaryWe removed the sort option of Student Name. This is not a student level report. Summary information can be sorted by Staff Name or by high/low incident count. (WHD14730)/160203/Fixes
ReportsClass Schedule Load ReportWe changed a yearend process to retain the final class count for teacher/courses in WebSIS. This allows you to run the Class Schedule Load Report for previous years if you need information on how many students were schedule into specific classes. NOTE: Year 1314 does not have course counts available, but 1415 counts show. (WHD13411)/160203/Fixes
ReportsImmunization Primary Review - BCD formStudents marked as ‘Exclude from Primary Review’ were included on the BCD detail form. The report is correctly excluding the students now. (WHD15543)/160203/Fixes
ReportsSBAC/OAKS Area Summary ReportScience scores are once again showing in the correct column. (WHD15603)/160203/Fixes
ReportsStudent Locator ReportWe added an ‘as of’ date field to the intermediate parameter screen used from the student list pages such as Quick Groups and Drilldowns. This allows you to request schedules for either a past or future date. The date field corrected problems with ‘no data’ when crossing terms. (WHD15818)/160203/Fixes
State AssessmentEssential Skills PageScreen filters on the ES page are holding their values when you leave the screen using the [Detail] or [Scores] buttons to access individual student detail. When you click the [back to list] button from the Essential Skills tab or State Assessment tab, you will return to the ES page with the original filter information. NOTE: If you selected ‘Not Met’ as a filter and you enter data on a student tab that completes the requirement, when you return to the ES page the student will be removed from the list of students. (WHD15444)/160203/Fixes
ReportsImmunization ReportsSB895SB895 requires schools to provide the public with exemption “rate” information. We are currently working on a report to complete this requirement. It will be available before the February 29th deadline./160203/Known Issues
My StudentsInitial LoginThe message pop-up window is now larger. This allows easier viewing of multiple messages. This window can be further enlarged by using your mouse to drag an edge of the box (side or bottom). There are also scroll bars when more information is available than will fit in the standard size window. Live links may be included in messages. If you are challenged for credentials, the User ID is wbt and the Password is training./160106/Enhancement
ReportsStudent Assessment SummarySmarter Balance scores and levels are now shown on the Student Assessment Summary report. (WHD13607)/160106/Enhancement
AttendanceAttendance SummaryHalf day/whole day absence summary information is now displayed for kindergarten students. This information now matches the enrollment history information. (WHD14292)/160106/Fixes
My StudentsGrades tabSome students were generating server errors if they did not have an existing Cumulative GPA. This problem appeared with the weighted GPA change we made in December. The problem is fixed and the grades tab works properly now. (WHD15265)/160106/Fixes
My StudentsImmunization tabIf a student is complete for a vaccine, but parents want to submit a Non-medical exemption for future assessment, the exemption information will now save but will show greyed-out. Complete status always overrides exemptions. (WHD15168)/160106/Fixes
ReportsImmunization Primary ReviewSummary totals on form EFG for grades KG and 07 display correctly now. (WHD15070)/160106/Fixes
ReportsImmunization Primary ReviewNon-medical exemption summary totals display correctly on the new form H. NOTE: Form H is currently only available at the school level. A district level version of the report will be available with a future build. (WHD15070)/160106/Fixes
Student InformationImmunization pageThe export from the Immunization page was transposing the Measles and Mumps status. The export is showing the correct information and matches the screens. (WHD15225)/160106/Fixes
SB895 requires schools to provide the public with exemption “rate” information. We are currently working on a report to complete this requirement. It will be available before the February deadline./160106/Known Issues
Maintain TablesFlag MaintenanceWe changed the following Global Activity Flags to include a ‘Data’ field to identify students who earn school ‘letters’: Band - A0A, A0B, A0C, A0D, A0E, Choir –A0G, A0H, A0I, AOJ, Orchestra – A0L, Speech/Debate – A1B. You can enter previous year flag data if you want Activity Lettered Flags to show on the students’ Academic Records. (WHD13574)/151124/Enhancement
My StudentsContact tabWe added the Household # to the Contact Tab in the Address & Phone section of the screen. This will provide quick information when parents can’t remember their User ID logins for Pinnacle. It is always their Household Number and Relationship Code – example: 095914MOM. (WHD13603)/151124/Enhancement
ReportsClass Schedule Load ReportNCES course codes now show on the Class Schedule Load report. Use this report to verify course codes for IUID, Staff Assignment, and Class Roster
reporting. (WHD13306)/151124/Enhancement
ReportsImmunization Protection StatusWe added the shot initials TDAP to the column heading and missing shot section of the Protection Status report. It now shows as: DTP/TD/DT/TDAP. The screen field descriptor remains DTP and allows date entry for any type of shot combination in this group. (WHD13981)/151124/Enhancement
ReportsStudent Variable ExportWe replaced the field selection pop-up “window” with a field selection listbox. This feature provides better control and visibility of all options selected. (WHD10725)/151124/Enhancement
Staff SecuritySecurity Detail - State ReportingYou can now assign individual report rights for District State Reporting. We will continue to show all the available uploads and worksheets on the State Reporting screen, but the [Submit] button will only be active (blue) for reports the person is authorized to submit. The recommended authorization for these options is either ‘All’ or ‘None’. Read only doesn’t apply and will leave the option active with All rights. (WHD1009)/151124/Enhancement
Enrollment TotalsAlternative EducationThe [Detail] button for a specific program now shows the student information for the selected program. Previously, all students/all programs were presented no matter what program was selected. (WHD13782)/151124/Fixes
My StudentsAdditional ProgramsWe removed the 0.0/0.5 FTE requirements for College Coursework and Expanded Options. You can now add these programs to students enrolled as 1.0 FTE. This allows tracking of hybrid students who are taking some regular HS classes and some college classes. These program enrollments will only report college credits to ODE if the student is 0.0 FTE. Student enrolled for membership (.5 or 1.0) will report the membership record only. (WHD13905)/151124/Fixes
My StudentsBehavior TabThe Student Name and IEP status now show in the Quick Entry screen if you click the [Add] button from the Student Behavior tab. (WHD13946)/151124/Fixes
My StudentsDemographic tabThe Preferred Language field is larger in all browser now so lengthy language names are visible. We also updated the language dropdown list to match the ODE Limited English Proficiency language list. (WHD13953, 13558)/151124/Fixes
My StudentsEnrollment tabThe Counselor field dropdown list defaults to blank again. We lost the blank option so the field was showing the first teacher by default. If you do NOT assign counselors, you can use the Student Information > Counselor Assignment page to verify that all students are still blank (unassigned). Filter Counselor Assigned = Yes. Clear any assignment errors and [Save]. (WHD13916)/151124/Fixes
My StudentsInitial Screen (and various tabs)The [Photo] button is working again in all browsers. On individual tabs, it may take 2-3 seconds for the picture window to pop up. (WHD13895)/151124/Fixes
My StudentsInitial Screen (and various tabs)District level only – the Grade filter no longer shows K1-K5 at the bottom of the list. (WHD13658)/151124/Fixes
ReportsAcademic Record - Report ServicesAcademic Records requested from the student Grades tab or via Quick Groups now show the “Lettered” indicator on flags. If the flag description is very long (more than 23 characters) it will show “Letter”. (WHD14245)/151124/Fixes
ReportsStudent Variable LabelsThe Teacher/Advisor sort option works properly now. (WHD14366)/151124/Fixes
State AssessmentEssential SkillsThe Date Demonstrated field is larger in all browsers now so the full mm/dd/yyyy value is visible. (WHD13604)/151124/Fixes
State AssessmentEssential SkillsThe Prev/Next page links work properly now. (WHD14392)/151124/Fixes
State AssessmentOAKS Teacher AssignmentWe removed the OAKS Teacher Assignment sub-menu. We also removed it from the Security Detail list of options. This screen was only used by high schools ordering paper/pencil OAKS writing tests, which have been replaced by Smarter Balanced assessments. (WHD13720)/151124/Fixes
State AssessmentSmarter Balanced scoresWe are currently working on the State Assessment screens and reports to display Smarter Balanced information. This will be a multi-phase process but we hope to have scores displaying by January./151124/Known Issues
State AssessmentEsssential SkillsThere is a problem with the entry of Essential Skills information for Math. This will be fixed with the next production build./151124/Known Issues
State ReportingNCLB English ProficiencyEnglish Proficiency information must be reported to ODE twice per year beginning with this fall 2015 report. We have updated the District Reporting option to include a Collection dropdown field to select either a fall or spring report file to send to ODE. (WHD7622)/151023/New
State ReportingIUID and Class RosterTwo new fields have been added to these collections beginning with the 1516 reporting year. Low Grade and High Grade of Curriculum. These fields are not required this year and we are defaulting them to ‘0-not reported’ on the export. Districts may override the information. (WHD13244)/151023/New
CalendarDay Meet PatternWe added a [Verify] button to the Day Meet Pattern screen for all schools. This button is only available prior to the beginning of the new school year. It will activate (turn blue) once all days/dates have a valid attendance pattern entered. When clicked, it will disappear and mark the Start of Year checklist option as complete. (WHD11040)/151023/Enhancement
Maintain TablesBehavior Incident TableNew “Minor” codes are available at the global level. We also changed some descriptions to align similar codes together in the dropdown list for easier access. These changes went into effect in August in preparation for the 2016 Civil Rights Report. School who use SWIS to enter minor incidents will want to review their practices to make sure all codes for both state and federal reporting are included in WebSIS. (WHD952)/151023/Enhancement
My StudentsInitial Page - ExportWe added 3 new columns to the export. EDC- End Date Code, AdjEDC-Adjusted End Date Code, and Withdraw Code. NOTE: The export file from My Students presents a lot of information collected from various screens. It may take some time to present if you are a large school or district office. Please see ‘Known Issues’ at the end of this document. (WHD9151)/151023/Enhancement
My StudentsLogin SIS MessagesWebsite links are now “live”. Click the link to access the page or document on the LBL ESD website. Some districts may be required to enter a User ID and Password. UI= wbt PW= training (WHD10670)/151023/Enhancement
ReportsFlag Detail ReportWe added additional filters for Flag Category, Include Contact, and Include Only students with Flags to the parameter screen. This report is available for teachers from the My Students Reports dropdown. It is available at the school level from the Reports menu options. Currently, district level access is from the individual Student Flags tab only. (WHD10406)/151023/Enhancement
CalendarMembership CalendarSchools were getting a cryptic error trying to change grade level start dates. You cannot change the date if there are Dual or Shared Time students enrolled prior to the date change. The new message says: At least 1 student enrolled prior to the new First Day. Correct the student(s) enrollment date and then correct the calendar. (WHD11243)/151023/Fixes
Enrollment TotalsProgram Tabs - District LevelFrom the district level Enrollment Totals tabs, if you filtered down to an individual student then selected the Demographic tab, Legal Name fields displayed blank. We have corrected the screen to show the current Legal Name information. (WH11048)/151023/Fixes
Enrollment TotalsProgram Tabs - District LevelWe changed the Basic Funding tab to not pre-load all school totals when you first access the screen. This allows quicker access to the other program tabs, or allows you to filter to a school or prior year before beginning the load process. Selecting ALL schools for large districts (10+ schools) may take up to 2 minutes to calculate totals. (WHD12892)/151023/Fixes
My StudentsEnrollment tabPreferred Name changes on Part-time students (Dual/Shared) are now showing correctly in SILK. (WHD12176)/151023/Fixes
ReportsQuick GroupsThe Student Search window in Quick Groups now works exactly like the Flag List search window. You can select a student be either legal or preferred name, and when you [Save] the search, students will be presented on the screen by their “preferred” name. This allows for easier verification with other screens and applications. (WHD10579)/151023/Fixes
ReportsStudent Contact and Flag Detail ReportTeacher Level AccessWe changed the Student Contact Report and Flag Detail Report to ‘Interactive’ only for teachers. The Report Card option is no longer available from WebSIS for teachers. Grade information can be found in the Pinnacle gradebook. (WHD13104)/151023/Fixes
ReportsImmunization Reports - District LevelAll Immunization reports at the district level are locked on “batch” processing. Each time a report is selected, an assessment process is activated. At the district level, this can take a few minutes to run. Interactive processing was timing out for many districts. You will find the batch reports in the Manage Jobs/Output ‘New’ tab when they are complete. (WHD12673)/151023/Fixes
ReportsImmunization Reports - District LevelThe Date field is working again for future or past date assessment. (WHD12327)/151023/Fixes
ReportsImmunization Status Summary - School LevelThe Immunization Status Summary report at the school level can now be processed either in batch or interactive mode. The default mode is interactive. (WHD12674)/151023/Fixes
State AssessmentPerformance RegistrationA couple of districts reported that their Work Samples did not copy over from 1415. The problem was created by someone registering a sample in a future year (1516) instead of the current 1415 environment. We changed the registration screen to not allow entry in a future year. (WHD12711)/151023/Fixes
State ReportingADM Cumulative ReportDistricts who sent their First Period ADM report prior to October 20th, had the LEPFg field set to Y-yes for active and exited students. This was due to conversion issues and new coding. We have changed the ADM collection to set the indicator flag for students with category codes 1A-1E only. (WHD13309)/151023/Fixes
State ReportingADM Cumulative ReportThe District Special Ed flag (column BZ-DistSpEdProgFg) did not get set properly on the First Period ADM for students with Federal Placement codes for 32-41. The TIENET import process has been corrected and these students will be reported properly with the next cumulative report(s). (WHD13330)/151023/Fixes
State ReportingADM Cumulative ReportBeginning last year, 1415, ODE no longer accepted both membership and program hours for the same, or overlapping, date ranges. We added an edit to the ADM collection for students enrolled as .5 or 1.0 FTE to exclude any Alt Ed program and hours overlapping the FTE date range. Only students with 0.0 FTE will be reported by hours. (WHD12325)/151023/Fixes
Student InformationCounselor AssignmentThe totals button [=] on the Counselor screen now displays grade and gender totals by Counselor instead of jumping to the Teacher/Advisor totals screen. (WHD13035)/151023/Fixes
Student InformationCounselor AssignmentFilter fields for Current Year Counselor, Prior Year Counselor, Grade Level, and Flags are now multi-check selection options. You can choose a maximum of 5 Counselors and 3 Flags to filter students. Multiple selections will be indicated in the field after the [Search] button completes processing. This format change allows limited selected options to be shown in the field. (WHD10652, 12105)/151023/Fixes
Student InformationCounselor AssignmentThe Counselor name file is now populated via web services instead of cache files. Staff name changes no longer require an overnight process to view in the dropdown. (WHD11030)/151023/Fixes
Student InformationEnglish Proficiency PageThe Status field now defaults to blank if the environment year is changed to a previous year. (WHD10949)/151023/Fixes
Student InformationFlag ListStaff with ‘Read’ only rights to the flag list no longer have an active [trashcan] or [Add] button. (WHD13195)/151023/Fixes
Student InformationFlag ListThe [back to list] button on the Flag List student detail screen is correctly returning to the main Flag List of students instead of the student tab. (WHD12357)/151023/Fixes
Student InformationTeacher/Advisor PageThe Teacher/Advisor totals button [=] is once again displaying grade and gender breakdowns by teacher. (WHD11062)/151023/Fixes
Student InformationTeacher/Advisor PageThe [Verify] button on the Teacher/Advisor screen no longer shows for secondary schools using period attendance. We also changed the button behavior for elementary schools to remove the button from view after verification is complete. (WHD10563)/151023/Fixes
Student InformationTeacher/Advisor PageFilter fields for Current Year Teacher/Advisor, Prior Year Teacher/Advisor, Grade Level, and Flags are now multi-check selection options. You can choose a maximum of 5 Teacher/Advisors and 3 Flags to filter students. Multiple selections will be indicated in the field after the [Search] button completes processing. (WHD12104)/151023/Fixes
Student InformationTeacher/Advisor PageThe Teacher/Advisor name file is now populated via web services instead of cache files. Staff name changes no longer require an overnight process to view in the dropdown. (WHD11030)/151023/Fixes
My StudentsExportThe My Student export at the district office level is a very large report if you request ALL students. Large districts may encounter time-out problems. We are currently working on an option to allow a batch process for this export. Districts may want to use the Variable Export option to create a file with similar information as the My Student export./151023/Known Issues
CalendarMembership CalendarOnce the district finalized the calendar, membership was not recalculating when a grade level was added to a school. To complete this type of a change, [Save] the Set Date screen to establish the Start and End dates for the new grade. On the Set Session Days screen, filter to the new grade level and enter all the NON days for the year. (WH10624)/150828/Fixes
My StudentsContact tabContact Preferred Language dropdown now shows English as the first option in the list. (WHD10456)/150828/Fixes
My StudentsContact tabThe Contact Detail screen now accepts address information for ‘Non-Lives With’ contacts with or without ‘Receives Mailings’ selected. Some parents request mailings through Pinnacle but not WebSIS. The address information will be pushed to Pinnacle if the ‘Send to Gradebook’ option is marked. (WHD7675)/150828/Fixes
My StudentsEnrollment tabThe [trashcan] icon is no longer shown on the screen after a school finalizes their ADM for the year. (WHD9365)/150828/Fixes
My StudentsStudent Flags tabThe [back to list] button on the Student Flag Detail screen now returns to the Student Flag tab instead the Flags List page. (WHD10440)/150828/Fixes
My StudentsGrades tabThe transfer screen is once again accepting enrollment and grade information. The Telerik upgrade caused some strange screen behavior and errors. (WHD9547)/150828/Fixes
ProcessesStart of Year ChecklistInterval Attendance schools only (AM/PM): The Verify Teacher/Advisor requirement on the checklist now automatically fills when ALL students have a Teacher assigned on the Teacher/Advisor page. This activatesthe [Verify] button. Click the button to mark the item as completed on the checklist. Pleasenotify LBL ESD that you are ready to have your student data pushed to the Pinnacle Gradebook. (WHD10563)/150828/Fixes
School ProfileDemographicsWe added ‘Schools Days per Week’ as a read-only field on the demographics page. This number is used to calculate the average minutes per week of attendance used for state reporting. If this value does not reflect your school configuration (4 day/wk vs. 5 day/wk) please call the LBL Help Desk. (WHD 7217)/150828/Fixes
State AssessmentEsssential Skills pageThe Reports dropdown button is now inactive until a report is selected from the dropdown list. (WHD9845)/150828/Fixes
Student InformationAdditional ProgramsThe Reports dropdown button is now inactive until a report is selected from the dropdown list. (WHD9845)/150828/Fixes
Student InformationCounselor AssignmentThe recent operating system upgrade caused some strange screen behavior. The alternating line colors are restored, Previous/Next links are working, the data saved confirmation message is working, and the export columns are fixed. (WHD9995)/150828/Fixes
Student InformationCounselor AssignmentIf filtered data is displayed, the export will include only the filtered data instead of reverting to all students. (WHD9961)/150828/Fixes
Student InformationEarly Leaver pageThe Previous/Next link now works if the Rows to Display are set to 100. (WHD9502)/150828/Fixes
Student InformationEnglish Proficiency pageThe Status filter for Active, Withdrawn, and Blank/All now looks at only records for the current environment year selected. (WHD9505)/150828/Fixes
Student InformationEnglish Proficiency pageThe Reports dropdown button is now inactive until a report is selected from the dropdown list. (WHD9845)/150828/Fixes
Student InformationFlag ListThe Notes column on the export from the Flags List page is correctly holding when the field contains commas. (WHD10379)/150828/Fixes
Student InformationTeacher/Advisor PageIf filtered data is displayed, the export will include only the filtered data instead of reverting to all students. (WHD9961)/150828/Fixes
Student InformationTitle XThe Reports dropdown button is now inactive until a report is selected from the dropdown list. (WHD9845)/150828/Fixes
The new server operating system upgrade caused some issues with fields not functioning correctly in various browsers. REMINDER – turn OFF Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer (IE). If you notice strange screen behavior, please call the LBL Help Desk to report the problem./150828/Known Issues
ReportsRegistration Form -Spanish VersionThe Registration Form is now available in Spanish. Select the Spanish button at the bottom of the parameter page to print a form in Spanish for all contacts marked YES for “Lives With” and “Receives Mailing” and whose preferred language is Spanish. NOTE: Global Flag information is still in English until we have abbreviated Spanish translations. District and School Flags will not be translated. (WHD8226)/150814/New
Enroll StudentEnrollment tabNew kindergarten enrollments no longer ask for a KG Calendar. (WHD10309)/150814/Fixes
My StudentsMain PageThe [Reset] button was not clearing all filters. All filters clear properly now.
My StudentsMain PageThe server operating system upgrade changed the behavior of ‘mouse hover’ on the camera icon. You must now click on the camera icon to open a thumbnail picture. The picture will close automatically within 3 seconds, or when you select another option. (WHD10226)/150814/Fixes
My StudentsMain PageThe Prev and Next links on My Students now work properly. (WHD10226)/150814/Fixes
My StudentsMain PageThe new flag ‘Alert’ button now shows only for students who have at least 1 Alert flag. Click on the button for direct access to the Student Flags tab to view flag information. (WHD10142)/150814/Fixes
My StudentsStudent Flags tabStaff with ‘Read’ only rights to the Flags tab can access detail information, however all data entry fields are now locked. The [trashcan] icon is also disabled. (WHD10173)/150814/Fixes
My StudentsGrades tabThe Proposed Grad Plan field now holds the same value as the Current Grad Plan when you access the tab. You can change the proposed value temporarily to view requirement changes. If you wish to keep the change, use the [Save] button to complete the change. Once a graduation plan is assigned, you cannot remove (blank) it, you can only change it to a different plan. (WHD10204)/150814/Fixes
Maintain TablesGrad Plan TypesThe CDC Hierarchy columns width has been increased so the field values are now visible. The server OS upgrade changed view capability especially on single-digit columns. (WHD10167)/150814/Fixes
ReportsStudent Flags Detail ReportFree-form Notes are now available on the Student Flags Detail Report. (WHD8226)/150814/Fixes
ReportsImmunization Protection StatusThe student name now shows if you order this report from the Immunization tab [clipboard] button. (WHD10050)/150814/Fixes
ReportsStudent Variable ExportCorrection to previous release notes. A new field selection is available for flags. If you select to include ‘Flag Data’ on the variable export, always select the ‘Flag Data Field Label’ to identify the values that will show. LBL recommends positioning the ‘Field Label’ before the ‘Flag Data’ for readability in the export. (WHD10317)/150814/Fixes
Staff SecurityStaff Detail-Teacher RoleSecurity access for teachers no longer shows the Quick Groups under the Reports menu. We updated the access override properties in security so that if a teacher has additional Roles assigned they automatically get the higher access rights. The Teacher Role must be the only role assigned if you want to limit a teacher to only view students they are associated with for attendance or scheduling. (WHD10055)/150814/Fixes
Staff SecurityStaff Detail-Teacher RoleThe new Student Flags Detail report shows as an option under the Student Flags category for assigning rights. This report is currently connected with the following Roles: Administrator, Teacher, Registrar, and Office Manager. You may add it as a custom option to individuals who have other security roles. (WHD10318)/150814/Fixes
Student InformationBehavior PageThe server operating system upgrade caused errors on the Behavior detail screen when attempting to make changes. The screen is working properly now. (WHD10064)/150814/Fixes
Student InformationFlag ListThe data flag entry column width has been increased so that field values are visible again. The server OS upgrade changed view capability especially on single-digit columns. (WHD10234)/150814/Fixes
Server Summer UpgradeThe new server operating system upgrade caused some issues with fields not functioning correctly in various browsers. REMINDER – turn OFF Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer (IE). If you notice strange screen behavior, please call the LBL Help Desk to report the problem./150814/Known Issues
Server Summer UpgradeLBL ESD installed new network servers and updated operating systems during July. The server OS upgrade now allows more uniform screen and printing operation in WebSIS with various browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome). NOTE: Internet Explorer (IE) users should be on version 10 or 11. Compatibility Mode needs to be turned OFF. If you notice any odd data field or screen behaviors, please contact the LBL Help Desk./150804/New
Teacher Specific AccessStaff assigned only the security role of ‘Teacher’ can now login to WebSIS and see students they are assigned in Silk or WebSIS. Teacher access default tabs are; Student Home, Contact, Attendance, Schedule, Student Behavior, Grades Additional Programs, Student Flags, English Proficiency, Assessments, and Essential Skills (HS only). Teachers may add information to Assessments and Essential Skills, but all other tabs are READ-only. A limited number of reports and labels are available from My Students Report selection./150804/New
Teacher Specific AccessNon-teaching staff should not include ‘Teacher’ role as one of their security roles. It will remove the Report menu option. (WHD8215)/150804/New
My StudentsEnglish ProficiencyTwo new fields are now available to comply with new 2015/16 reporting requirements. We added SIFE (Severely Interrupted Formal Education) = Yes/No and a Waiver Date field which is required for codes 4N or 4O. (WHD7621)/150804/New
My StudentsEnglish ProficiencyThree new category codes are required beginning with 2015/16 reporting; 4P (Waiver Re-entered), 5M (Monitored EL), 5F (Former EL not current or monitored). LBL ESD converted all T (Transition) students to code 5M and all X (Exit Complete) students to code 5F. Districts are responsible for identifying and correcting students who need to change from 5M to 5F for 2015/16. NOTE: LBL Code Z is no longer valid and must be changed. Please contact Della Sterrett if you have questions about code or program changes. (WHD7615)/150804/New
My StudentsEnglish ProficiencyNew program codes are required beginning with 2015/16 reporting. Also, monitored students will now be reported with code 60 (Monitor Year 1), or 61 (Monitor Year 2). Exit Complete students will be reported with code 70. LBL ESD converted students originally coded as T (Transition) and X (Exit Complete). All Transition students were moved to Program 60 and each district is responsible for identifying and correcting students who should be Program Code 60 or 61. All X students are now Program Code 70. (WHD7619)/150804/New
My StudentsMy Students main pageA new ‘Alert’ button indicates that a student has one or more Alert Flags. Click on the button for direct access to the Student Flags tab to view flag information. (WHD8215)/150804/New
ReportsStudent Flags Detail ReportA new flag detail report is available on the Student Flags tab, Student list pages with Report options and on Report Launcher from the Student Flags Category. This report prints all the flags for a student and identifies data elements associated with each flag. Flag Notes will be available on the report with the next production build. (WHD8226)/150804/New
My StudentsMy Students main pageThe Notes column on the right side of the page now offers the ‘hover over’ feature which shows the enrollment tab notes in a pop-up window. Hold your mouse pointer over the Yes link to see the note. (WHD8803)/150804/Enhancement
My StudentsImmunization tabWe separated out the shot Status column and the Exempt Type columns. This will require some people with smaller monitors to scroll over to the right to complete exemption information. This change corrected a variety of errors messages created with the new OS upgrade. (WHD9782, 9786, 9805, 9806, 9930)/150804/Enhancement
My StudentsStudent Flags tabAn ‘Alert Only’ filter is now available on the Student Flags tab. The default is ‘No’ so all flags associated with the student will show when first accessing the tab. Selecting ‘Yes’ will filter the screen to show only Alert type flags. (WHD8253)/150804/Enhancement
ProcessesStart of Year ChecklistWe changed the order of the checklist and added a line number to assist communication when multiple people are responsible for completing the checklist. (WHD9811)/150804/Enhancement
ReportsGrade History Export-Report LauncherWe added absence (excused and unexcused) and tardy information to the grade history export file. This information will only show if the Grading Interval table is set to Load Attendance by Period = Yes. (WHD7961)/150804/Enhancement
ReportsStudent Variable ExportWe added a Flag ‘Data Label’ field to the export. If you select ‘Flag Data’ as a field option the field label will be included so you can easily identify the information. (WHD9632)/150804/Enhancement
Student InformationCounselor PageWe added the Reports selection option to this page. This page offers additional student filter options by gender, date of birth, and flags for ordering mailing or filing labels. (WHD7677)/150804/Enhancement
Student InformationTeacher/Advisor PageWe added the Reports selection option to this page. This page offers additional student filter options by gender, date of birth, and flags for ordering mailing or filing labels. (WHD7677)/150804/Enhancement
CalendarMembership CalendarThe [Finalize] button on the membership calendar now shows active (blue) prior to finalizing the screen. Once you click the button and accept the process, the button will be greyed out. (WHD9895)/150804/Fixes
Enroll StudentNew EnrollmentsWe removed the EN code from the enrollment code dropdown. This is an LBL-only code that is not reported to ODE. If students need to be enrolled in the current year for special tracking, use 0.0 FTE and program enrollments to ensure proper ODE reporting. (WHD6319)/150804/Fixes
Enroll StudentNew EnrollmentsThe Grade Level dropdown box was not collapsing after selecting a grade. The dropdown is working properly now. (WHD9756)/150804/Fixes
My StudentsMain PageThe Reports [clipboard] icon is now greyed out until you select a specific report. The report field will not show on the screen until you have students showing on the page. (WHD9684)/150804/Fixes
My StudentsMain PageThe Report dropdown and [clipboard] icon are now aligned in Firefox. This was corrected with the new OS upgrade. (WHD8370)/150804/Fixes
My StudentsEnrollment History tabWhen changing the environment to a prior school year, the Enrollment History screen was showing an active Detail button by the current year, but was accessing prior year data. The Detail button for Enrollment History is now active only when in the current year environment. (WHD8258)/150804/Fixes
My StudentsGrades tabWhen trying to update a grade history record for a student, the opened line item was not visible on the screen. A second scroll down was required to access the record. This is an IE browser issue created with the new updated OS. Turn compatibility mode OFF in the browser to fix this problem. (WHD9738)/150804/Fixes
My StudentsImmunization tabShot information entered on Planned records now assesses properly as long as you are in the correct environment year. Planned records entered from the 1415 environment, but planned for 1516, will not show assessed in 1415. If you moved forward to the 1516 year, the assessment would show. NOTE: All schools are now set to 1516 for the current school year. (WHD9782)/150804/Fixes
Maintain TablesGrading IntervalsThe Interval and Marking Period fields were clearing when the screen was saved causing an error. The two fields are saving properly now. (WHD9980)/150804/Fixes
Other LinksMoodleMoodle is no longer a supported application. We removed the option link from the Other Links menu. (WHD9625)/150804/Fixes
ReportsStudent Contact ListIf Employer information was blank, previous contact employer data was being populated on the report. The information is now correct and no employer will print if the data is not available in WebSIS. (WHD9937)/150804/Fixes
School ProfileGrade LevelsThe School Year field now defaults to match the current environment year rather than jumping ahead to 16/17. (WHD9748)/150804/Fixes
Staff SecurityStaff Detail-District LevelWe added an edit to this screen at the district level that requires at least one school to be selected before a staff member can be added to the directory. REMINDER: When adding new staff, always do the first global search on the last 4-SSN only to determine if the person already exists. This reduces the chance of duplicate records from name changes or misspellings. (WHD8808)/150804/Fixes
State AssessmentUnmatched StudentsStudent scores were showing on the screen without an associated test identifier. We updated the program so a test selection is required before students are visible. This helps identify the category the scores will show under on the Student Assessment page. Also, the school selection filter is now working properly at the district level. (WHD8428, 9795)/150804/Fixes
State ReportingData Collection HistoryThe [Who] button now shows correct names for the user that created historical files. Previously, it displayed an error ‘Name not Found’. (WHD9622)/150804/Fixes
Student InformationCounselor PageThe Counselor filter was jumping past teacher names when trying to scroll in Firefox. The dropdown scrolling process is working properly with the new OS upgrade in IE, Firefox, and Chrome. (WHD8162)/150804/Fixes
Student InformationFlag ListPrev/Next links were missing on the Flag List page for large groups of students. The options are active and working again. (WHD9783, 9868)/150804/Fixes
Student InformationGraduation StatusThe Graduation Ceremony date now saves properly. Once saved, the system will mark the checkbox complete on the Start of Year Checklist screen. (WHD9973)/150804/Fixes
Student InformationImmunization Page-ExportThe export file from the Immunization page had the column titles for Mumps and Measles transposed. Column headings are now in the correct order. (WHD9591)/150804/Fixes
The new server operating system upgrade has caused some issues with fields not functioning correctly in various browsers. REMINDER – turn compatibility OFF in Internet Explorer (IE). If you notice strange screen behavior, please call the LBL Help Desk and report the problem./150804/Known Issues
My StudentsView PicturesThe ‘hover over’ feature to view pictures on the My Students page is not working. It should be corrected with the next production build./150804/Known Issues
State ReportingDistrict ReportingCumulative ADMWe added an Early Leaver column for end of year processing. Schools with grades 7-12 must finalize their Early Leaver screen after they finalize ADM to set the date stamp at the district level. (WHD8492)/150619/New
ReportsReport LauncherRegistration Form (General Student)We added a heading for the Address/Phone portion of the registration form. We also added phone type indicator fields and two phone lines for contacts. In order to accommodate these additions, only two ‘Other Children in Household’ will show on the first page. If more siblings exist, they will print in the overflow area of the form. (WHD7854)/150619/Enhancement
State ReportingDistrict ReportingCumulative ADMWe updated the edit message portion of the screen to show multiple line items for schools with incomplete processes instead of only the first school with a problem. Please see Known Issues for additional information. (WHD8494)/150619/Enhancement
Student InformationGraduation StatusWe added a Notes column to the screen. This shows if information has been added to the Notes field on the Enrollment tab. You can mouse over the field to pop-up a message window and view information. (WHD8781)/150619/Enhancement
Student InformationFlag ListThe flag attributes show at the top portion of the screen when a flag is selected. When moving to the mass detail entry view, the flag attributes were not showing correctly. We fixed the screens to reflect the same information. (WHD8078)/150619/Fixes
Student InformationGraduation StatusPhase 2 – of the 4F End Date Code adjustments is now in place. We removed some of the edits which will allow more flexibility in adjustments for students. If you finalize the Graduation Status screen, you can enter an Adjustment Diploma Code, Date, and June EDC (End Date Code) as long as the district has not sent the file to ODE. Once the file is sent, the June EDC field is locked and you must use the ‘Adj EDC’ field which is just a manual notation that you changed a student’s completion status. That student will need to be reported manually as a Program 14 on student on the annual ADM if dated up to June 30. If the adjustment date is July 1 or later they should be reported as Program 14 on the next year Period 1 ADM report. (WHD8571, 8781, 8567)/150619/Fixes
Student InformationGraduation StatusChanging a student’s Graduation Plan type on the Grades tab was not updating the diploma code on the Graduation Status screen. Changes made to the grades tab are now updating the Graduation Status screen. NOTE: It is the [Save] button that reassess the student graduation requirements. If you made changes prior to June 19th, go to the grades tab and click [Save] to force the reassessment.
*TIP: Use the Diploma Tracking screen to filter on grad plan types and use the detail button to bounce to the Grades tab to [Save]. Verify changes on the Graduation Status screen. (WHD8690)/150619/Fixes
State ReportingDistrict ReportingCumulative ADMThe district Cumulative ADM errors for previous reporting periods are not clearing. If you look at previous periods you will see an increasing number of error messages. Period 4 ADM is the only current valid period. The clear message feature will be fixed in a future production build./150619/Known Issues
Student InformationEarly LeaverEarly Leaver Finalize TabWe added a Finalize tab to the Early Leaver screen for end of year processing. The tab cannot be finalized until the Enrollment Totals ADM is finalized for Period 4. All Early Leaver students must be updated, then a [Finalize] button will be available. This process will update the district office Cumulative ADM reporting screen. (WHD8460)/150603/New
Student InformationGraduation StatusWe added two new columns to the screen to track End Date Codes (EDC) for June ADM reporting and November Exit Adjustment reporting. Beginning with the 1415 school year, all seniors who have completed diploma requirements are to be reported as completers on the ADM report. If some seniors will be continuing their education the next school year working towards a different diploma (ex: Advanced Diploma with college credits) please change the June EDC to a 4F which will clear the current year diploma date. (WHD3258) *Complete your senior grade export and run WebSIS report cards. *A pencil will allow edits to all students with a diploma type code. *After you finalize the Graduation Status screen, all non-graduates will be marked with an X-Not Graduating code and EDC changes can be made. *Remember to update Early Leaver information for non-graduates. *Once your district office sends the ADM file to ODE, all adjustments are tracked for the November Adjustment reporting period./150603/New
Maintain TablesIncident MaintenanceWe added a ‘Level’ column to the export from the Incident Maintenance page. This column identifies if the code is Global, District, or School. NOTE: We will be updating the Global codes for the 2015/16 school year to include some Minor codes. Districts and schools will need to review this table closely in August and inactivate (retire) any duplicated district or school level codes. (WHD7579)/150603/Enhancement
Maintain TablesResponse MaintenanceWe added a ‘Level’ column to the export from the Response Maintenance page. This column identifies if the code is Global, District, or School. (WHD7580)/150603/Enhancement
ReportsImmunizatio Status Detail-District LevelWe added the 3-digit LBL school number to the right of the student grade level to identify the enrollment building. From the district level, if ALL schools are selected, the report sorts alphabetical by grade, by school. (WHD7250)/150603/Enhancement
ReportsStudent Contact ReportThis report is now available to run in batch or interactively. The batch report will show in the Manage Output New tab when complete. (WHD788)/150603/Enhancement
Student InformationTitle XWe added membership days and absence information columns to the Title X export. (WHD7336)/150603/Enhancement
My StudentsMy Students pageThe cursor is back to the Last Name field placement when accessing the My Students page. (WHD7861)/150603/Fixes
My StudentsMy Students pageThe Reports Dropdown on My Students now clears properly if you change your school environment. The field was not clearing, however this only affected staff with multiple building environment access. (WHD7845)/150603/Fixes
My StudentsEnrollment tabThe Cohort Year field no longer shows for planning records. Mass enrollment will activate the field. Remember, changes to the Cohort Year must be approved by ODE and match the SSID file. (WHD7477)/150603/Fixes
My StudentsOther Assessments tabCTE Assessment entry now shows the correct spelling for ‘Total Possible’ points. (WHD8006)/150603/Fixes
PreferencesChange PasswordWe added a statement to the Change Password page indicating that passwords must be between 6-10 characters and contain at least 1 number. The password field will stop accepting entry on the 10th character. If a person accidentally keeps typing, the password is truncated at the 10th character. (WHD7726)/150603/Fixes
Student InformationEarly LeaverRunning an export from Early Leaver prior to searching for students was redirecting the screen to the English Proficiency page. You now stay on the Early Leaver page; however, no file will be created if no students show on the page. (WHD6975)/150603/Fixes
Student InformationEarly LeaverWe added Advisor and Counselor columns to the Early Leaver export. (WHD6973)/150603/Fixes
ReportsEthnic Summary ReportThe spelling of “Unduplicated” on the bottom line totals is now correct. (WHD7061)/150603/Fixes
ReportsReport CardsA problem was reported where the wrong name was printed with an address on a WebSIS Report card. We discovered that if either the contact First or Last name field is left blank, the report card was inserting the previous records contact name in the blank. The problem is fixed and report cards will now print for the single name field identified. Reminder – best practice is to enter designated names in both fields. (WHD7298)/150603/Fixes
District Cumulative ADMWe will be adding an Early Leaver Finalized column to the District Cumulative ADM submission screen with the next production build. This should decrease the number of year end reporting errors on the ODE website./150603/Known Issues
Maintain TablesAcademic Record TemplatesWe added a new field, CUM GPA Decimal Places, to the Academic Record Template Detail page. This option allows you to choose how many decimal places (1-4) you want to show when printing the CUM GPA at the bottom left on the Academic Record. You also need to identify if the GPA should be rounded to the nearest decimal, or truncated. (WHD2603)/150319/New
My StudentsStudent Behavior tabResponse EntryThe state requires a ‘Discipline Modifier’ if the expulsion sentence for a Weapons violation has been shortened. We added a red edit message that identifies it as a required field only for the associated expulsion response. (WHD4983)/150319/Enhancement
My StudentsGrades tabA new ‘Mod’ (Modified) check box is available on the Current Grades screen and the Grade History screen. When checked, the word MOD is added in the front of the Course description to identify the course was modified for the student. (WHD4889)/150319/Enhancement
My StudentsGrades tabThe Current Grades grid at the top of the Grades tab now includes a credits earned column. Only final grades will show credit information. (WHD6267)/150319/Enhancement
My StudentsGrades tabThe Grad Plan Grid now includes a ‘pencil’ next to grad areas with potential credit, but no earned credit. This will allow you to view the current course in progress. REMINDER: you cannot change or override the area on a course “in progress” (Type = S). You can only override grad areas for earned type (E) credit. (WHD5507)/150319/Enhancement
My StudentsMy Students pageSearch & SortWe added a Report Dropdown list to the My Students page. You can use the Advanced Search to filter students on My Students and then select a report to print for the preselected group of students. (WHD5949)/150319/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherAcademic Record (Grades & Transcripts)The Report Launcher version of Academic Records now includes an option to sort by Advisor. Only students with assigned Advisors will print, and a separator page will identify each change in Advisor assignment. (WHD5824)/150319/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherImmunization Status Detail (Immunization)This report is now available to run in batch or interactively. We also updated the format to include the VEC indicators and arranged the shot order to match the screen. (WHD964)/150319/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Assessment Summary (Assessment)We changed the Performance Assessment section at the bottom of the report to clearly identify the number of State Approved versus Local work samples attempted and met. (WHD5200)/150319/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Variable Export (General Student)We added the “Observer Identified” field to the export. The field is located in the General Student Category and is listed as “Race/Ethnicity Observer Identified”. Use this option to determine how many schools have marked the check box. (WHD5327)/150319/Enhancement
My StudentsContact tabExtra Address LineThe Extra Address Line indicator for Name (Yes/No) identifies if you want the information to print “C/O” in front of the indicated name and position the information on the 2nd address line. The Mailing Address was not changing from Yes to No. We corrected the problem. (WHD5541)/150319/Fixes
Maintain TablesAcademic Record TemplatesThe [Cancel] button on the detail page was returning a server error. The button works properly now. (WHD6887) /150319/Fixes
My StudentsMy Students pageThe cursor placement on My Students will now return to the Last Name field when using the [back to list] button from a student tab. The most recent student name searched will remain highlighted on the page. (WHD5803)/150319/Fixes
Student InformationCounselor AssignmentThe export from the Counselor assignment page is now showing the correct counselors for the students. The report now matches the screen information. (WHD6288)/150319/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherAcademic Record (Grades & Transcripts)Program 14 (WN) students were not showing Rank information on their transcripts. They should not be ranked with the current year students. We fixed the report to show the final rank from their previous enrollment year. (WHD5706)/150319/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherProtection Status Report (Immunization)This report will always require a minimum of 2 parameters: Date for assessment and whether you want it to run in batch or interactive. We removed the message on the parameter screen that said “No Required Parameters”. (WHD6259)/150319/Fixes
ReportsQuick GroupsWe fixed the delete function in Quick Groups to stay on the current working page. Previously, if you were trying to edit a large group of students, it was flipping back to the first page after deleting a student on subsequent pages. (WHD6783)/150319/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherRegistration Form (General Student)Sometimes the single page option was only printing a half-page with garbled information in the header if a student was missing household information. The report now works properly if household information has not yet been completed for a student. (WHD6178)/150319/Fixes
Staff SecurityStaff Detail pageNew StaffNew staff members that do not currently exist in the LBL WebSIS security database must be assigned to at least one building. We added an edit message to the detail page as a reminder if you attempt to save without a building assignment. (WHD1906)/150319/Fixes
State AssessmentPerformance Reg.Performance Task RegistrationEngineering Design is now available in the 3rd Grade Science strands. (WHD5138)/150319/Fixes
Upload Data FileACT scoresSeveral schools reported errors trying to upload ACT scores. We fixed the error message. The file format still requires a .txt extension. (WHD5913)/150319/Fixes
Maintain TablesAcademic Record TemplatesWe added an ‘All’ option to the SAT and ACT print score dropdown list. If a student has multiple scores in WebSIS, you can now show them all on the Academic Record. Please be aware that having more options turned on in the template could cause the report to overflow to 2 pages for some students. (WHD4879)/150122/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Locator Report (General Student)Schools may now choose to submit this report in “batch” mode. For large amounts of data, batch processing allows you to continue using your workstation while the report runs in the background. Use the New Manage Output tab on the Manage Jobs/Output menu to view and print the PDF document. (WHD842)/150122/Enhancement
Student InformationBehavior IncidentsIncident EntryWe added an edit to the incident date field which requires that the date be within the current environment year (7/01/xxxx – 6/30/xxxx). (WHD5246)/150122/Fixes
My StudentsContact tabZip Code FieldWe changed the contact zip code field to check a USPS site for valid zip codes. This should eliminate clients from having to call LBL ESD because of an error from a missing code in the LBL file. (WHD4995)/150122/Fixes
Enrollment TotalsBasic Funding (District only)The Enrollment Totals BSF export from the district page now shows the correct attendance rate for each school. The summary rate total for each school now matches the screen value. (WHD5036)/150122/Fixes
My StudentsMy Students pageViewing student photos at the bottom of the list now works properly. The screen was jumping back to the top student without opening the original photo selected. (WHD5279)/150122/Fixes
My StudentsEnrollment tabWe made changes to the withdraw date logic associated with additional programs. Active additional programs are withdrawn using the same end/withdrawn date as the BSF/Shared enrollment record. Now, if a change is made to the BSF/Shared End date, the matching program end/withdrawal date will also change to stay synchronized. (WHD5393)/150122/Fixes
School ProfileSoftware Systems tabInformation about various third party applications identified in the school profile is now set to roll forward with the July process. Schools still need to verify the information on the screen and make necessary changes each year, but do not have to re-enter data from scratch. (WHD5166)/150122/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Locator Report (General Student)The “As Of” date field now works for current or future term schedules. It only works for active schedule records, so you cannot use a previous term date. (WHD842)/150122/Fixes
Staff SecurityStaff Directory pageNew staff added to your directory will show on the staff directory page immediately upon return from the staff detail demographic entry. You no longer have to manually refresh the screen to see the new person. (WHD5231)/150122/Fixes
Staff SecuritySecurity Information pageThe password fields are now limited to 10 character entry. The cursor will stop after the 10th character entered. (WHD5240)/150122/Fixes
State ReportingADM Cumulative ReportShared Time (homeschool) students with either a College Coursework or Expanded Options program were not showing the additional program 11, 12, or 13 enrollment lines in the ADM report. Only the program 9-Shared enrollment was reported. The college program enrollments will be correct with Period 3 Cumulative reports. (WHD5537)/150122/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Schedule "2-Ups" (General Student)The Schedule 2-Ups report shows the schedules for 4 students per page (2 across, 2 down). You can choose to include ‘lives with’ contact information, and there are a variety of sorts and filters. Schedules are as of the current date ordered, or if you choose a future term, the first day of that term. Many schools have requested this format to use as a locator report in the office for those people without access to computers. (WHD753)/141219/New
My StudentsGrades tabTransfer GradesWe added a “Weight” column to the Grade Transfer entry grid. It will only show for those schools that use weighted grades. If you have transfer students with weighted grades you can select to turn the weighting on by selecting ‘Yes’ in the dropdown. GPA will be calculated according to your schools weight values. (WHD1028) /141219/Enhancement
My StudentsGrades tabGrad Plan Assessment exportWe added the Career Technical Education (CTE) CIP code and Description to the individual student grade export. (WHD4515)/141219/Enhancement
State AssessmentEssential SkillsThe Essential Skills export now includes Counselor and Advisor columns on the far right which can be used for sorting and filtering data. (WHD3743)/141219/Enhancement
State ReportingClass Roster (and Plus)ODE is adding Room # and Period as required fields beginning with the 2014-15 school year. All schools need to update the SILK Class room numbers if they did not include them during the master scheduling process. Elementary scheduling schools only need to update the Homeroom classes. Secondary schools need to update all the academic courses. NOTE: District reporting staff may want to run a class roster export now to see how many required classes are missing room numbers. (WHD1008)/141219/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherHousehold Verification Report (Household & Contact)Schools may now choose to submit this report in “batch” mode. For large amounts of data, batch processing allows you to continue using your workstation while the report runs in the background. Use the New Manage Output tab on the Manage Jobs/Output menu to view and print the PDF document. (WHD722)/141219/Enhancement
Student InformationDiploma TrackingThe Diploma Tracking export now includes Counselor and Advisor columns on the far right which can be used for sorting and filtering data. (WHD3752)/141219/Enhancement
Enrollment TotalsShared Time tabThe grade filter was not holding the selected value moving back and forth between the detail and summary page. The filter is now fixed. (WHD4505)/141219/Fixes
My StudentsGrades tabTransfer GradesIf you attempted to transfer grades older than 5 years, you may have received an error message if the current graduation plan did not exist in the original cohort year. We corrected the program to assess all transfer grade information against the student’s current year grad plan. (WHD4621) /141219/Fixes
My StudentsImmunization tabThe HepB shot dose 4 was not calculating in the assessment. It is now fixed. (WHD4484)/141219/Fixes
My StudentsMy Students pageDistrictThe membership column disappeared from the district view of the My Students page and Advisor was showing instead. We fixed the district view back to the original version. Advisor information is included on the export at the district level. (WHD4786)/141219/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherAcademic Record (Grades & Transcripts)Several student records had blank line items which were causing paging and printing problems. We corrected all current records with blanks. (WHD4489)/141219/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherRegistration Form (General Student)Immunization shot information is now printing in the same order on the registration form as on the Protection Status report. (WHD4631)/141219/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherRegistration Form (General Student)The district version of the registration form once again allows you to select and print forms for a single school building. (WHD4868)/141219/Fixes
Staff SecurityBuilding securityThere was a problem with a certified staff member who works in 2 different districts, with 2 different security levels, being able to login to WebSIS and see different menu options at each district. Security access has been corrected and multiple district/school logins work now. (WHD4812)/141219/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherClass Schedule Load Report (General Student)This new report provides summary totals for classes as of a specified date. You can filter by Term, Period, Grade level, Teacher, and/or Course. The Teacher and Course filters allow selection for ‘All’ or one. You can sort the data by Period, Course, or Teacher. Remember, SILK schedules are pushed to WebSIS overnight, so the “as of” date must be previous to the current days date. (WHD922)/141125/New
ReportsReport LauncherBehavior Export - District (Behavior Tracking)We added 3 new fields to the district level report: LEP, Migrant Ed, and Free/Reduced. This information will assist in balancing incidents with the Restraint/Seclusion report. (WHD966) /141125/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherCredit Deficiency Report (Grades & Transcripts)Schools may now choose to submit this report to run in “batch” mode. For large amounts of data, “batch” processing allows you to continue using your workstation while the report runs in the background. Use the New Manage Output tab on the Manage Jobs/Output menu to view/print the PDF document. REMINDER: Only students who are not on track for their grade level in the selected graduation areas will be included on the report. Students who are meeting all requirements are not deficient. (WHD701) /141125/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherGPA Report (Grades & Transcripts)Schools may now choose to submit this report to run in “batch” mode. For large amounts of data, batch processing allows you to continue using your workstation while the report runs in the background. Use the New Manage Output tab on the Manage Jobs/Output menu to view/print the PDF document. (WHD830) /141125/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherGrade History Export (Grades & Transcripts)The Report Launcher version of the Grade History Export now includes CTE Classification of Instruction Program (CIP) code and description. This information will only show after the CTE Course to Course Linking has been completed for the year. We will add these fields to the student Grades tab grade history export in a future release. (WHD956)/141125/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherRegistration Form (General Student)The student Date of Birth and Cell Phone fields will be blank if no data is available. We added a Grade Level filter which allows you to select a single grade. “Duplex Printing” adds a blank page when necessary to keep every student at an even number of pages. “Print Blank Form” prints all the information items selected for 1-3 pages. “Only First Page” limits your selections to Signature line, Reverse side statement and only the first 2 Lives With contacts. NOTE: “Only First Page” is not available in conjunction with “Print Blank Form.” If you only want the first page of a blank form, you must control that in the PDF print window by selecting to print only the first page. (WHD3148, 3245, 3476)/141125/Enhancement
Enrollment TotalsWeekly Verification tabError messages now display in red. (WHD3705)/141125/Fixes
My StudentsImmunization tabWe switched the display order of HepB and HepA to follow the Oregon CIS form. The screen entry tabbing order has also been corrected so the cursor will move top to bottom through all shot fields before jumping to disease and exemptions. (WHD4596)/141125/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherAssessment Reports - AllThe Report Launcher was hanging on to field values from previous report screens. Assessment report parameters are now “refreshing” properly when moving between screens. (WHD3135)/141125/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherConfidential Student Incident Report (Behavior Tracking)The Confidential Student Behavior report is once again available in the dropdown selection menu on Quick Groups, Drilldown screens, and Student Information report pages. (WHD3820)/141125/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherPrimary Review Report - EFG (Immunization)Oregon DHS found some issues with the summary totals on the EFG form. Shot totals and VEC form totals are now correct per DHS requirements. LBL ESD WebSIS is once again certified for state reporting. (WHD4018)/141125/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherProtection Status Report (Immunization)Oregon DHS requested that we add an indicator for Varicella immunity that has been recorded without a date (just the checkbox). Reports now show an immunity date of 00/00/0000 if no date is provided for the disease. (WHD4022)/141125/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherProtection Status Report (Immunization)We switched the order of HepB and HepA on the Protection Status Report to match the order of the immunization tab and the Oregon CIS form. (WHD4630)/141125/Fixes
Enrollment TotalsBasic Funding tabWe added Advisor and Counselor columns to the BSF detail export. (WHD3341)/141016/Enhancement
My StudentsGrades tabReport cardsReport Card is now available on the student Grades tab report dropdown selection. This option allows you to print a single report card for a student. Because students may have both lives-with and non-lives-with contacts, the job will always run in batch. Use the New Manage Output tab on the Manage Jobs/Output menu to view/print the PDF document(s). (WHD670)/141016/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherAcademic Record (Grades & Transcripts)We added a message to the academic record for schools that use +/- weighting. The message “+/- grade weight of .03” will show at the bottom of the letter grade legend. (WHD682)/141016/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherBehavior Archive Report (Behavior Tracking)Schools may now choose to submit this report to run in “batch” mode. For large amounts of data, batch processing allows you to continue using your workstation while the report runs in the background. Use the New Manage Output tab on the Manage Jobs/Output menu to view/print the PDF document. (WHD669) /141016/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherBehavior Export (Behavior Tracking)Schools and districts may now choose to submit this report to run in “batch” mode. For large amounts of data, batch processing allows you to continue using your workstation while the report runs in the background. Use the New Manage Output tab on the Manage Jobs/Output menu to view/print the Excel document. NOTE: The district level report defaults to batch mode. Large districts will receive timeout errors if running this report interactively. (WHD867) /141016/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherCreate Class List Export (General Student)Schools and districts may now choose to submit this report to run in “batch” mode. For large amounts of data, batch processing allows you to continue using your workstation while the report runs in the background. Use the New Manage Output tab on the Manage Jobs/Output menu to view/print the Excel document. NOTE: The district level report defaults to batch mode. Large districts will get timeout errors if running this report interactively. (WHD998) /141016/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherGrade History Export (Grades & Transcripts)Schools may now choose to submit this report to run in “batch” mode. For large amounts of data, batch processing allows you to continue using your workstation while the report runs in the background. Use the New Manage Output tab on the Manage Jobs/Output menu to view/print the Excel document. (WHD867) /141016/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherProtection Status Report (Immunization)Religious exemptions have been converted to Non-medical exemptions per new DHS requirements. We updated message information, added exemption dates and VEC form indicators. This report can be also be run either interactive or in batch mode. (WHD981)/141016/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Archival Report (General Student)Schools may now choose to submit this report to run in “batch” mode. For large amounts of data, batch processing allows you to continue using your workstation while the report runs in the background. Use the New Manage Output tab on the Manage Jobs/Output menu to view/print the PDF document. (WHD763)/141016/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Variable Export (General Student)Schools and districts may now choose to submit this report to run in “batch” mode. For large amounts of data, batch processing allows you to continue using your workstation while the report runs in the background. Use the New Manage Output tab on the Manage Jobs/Output menu to view/print the Excel document. NOTE: The district level report defaults to batch mode. Large districts will get timeout errors if running this report interactively. (WHD801) /141016/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Variable Export (General Student)Term GPA is now a selectable field under the Grades and Transcripts category of the Variable Export. Term GPA information is as of the last “loaded” export. CUM GPA was already available. It is recalculated nightly to incorporate manually added grades throughout the year. (WHD875)/141016/Enhancement
AttendanceAlternative EducationTabbing between Thursday and Friday entry fields now works correctly. (WHD2756)/141016/Fixes
ReportsQuick GroupsProtection Status report from Quick Groups now includes an Assessment date field which can be used for past/future dates. (WHD1596)/141016/Fixes
ReportsQuick GroupsThe Report Dropdown was disappearing and select students would disappear if you used the [Manage] button to edit saved groups. You can now set up your group, manage the group description, and return to the list of students without losing the Report Dropdown. (WHD2764)/141016/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherPrimary Review Reports (Immunization)All three portions of the Primary Review reports are updated with the new non-medical language and collecting Vaccine Education Certificate (VEC) information. (WHD1050)/141016/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Variable Export (General Student)We added a blank space in the Cohort Year filter field. Also, we added the blank in Mailing Label Cohort filter field. In both cases, the blank space means “All.” (WHD2780)/141016/Fixes
State AssessmentEssential SkillsODE removed OAKS from Essential Skills code descriptions 1 and 4 in preparation for Smarter Balance. We took the opportunity to update and standardize some of our abbreviations for easier reading in the dropdown list. (WHD759)/141016/Fixes
Student InformationDiploma TrackingWe fixed the Cohort filter to hold the student selection when moving back and forth between the Diploma Tracking screen and student Grades tab. (WHD3237)/141016/Fixes
Student InformationTeacher/AdvisorSome schools reported Advisors showing on the screen who were not in the school staff directory. This was an issue with the rollover process. We updated the program to clear all Advisor information when students move from one school to another. (WHD2614)/141016/Fixes
WebSIS Timeout ErrorWebSIS will timeout after 60 minutes of inactivity. The server error has been fixed and you will now be returned to the login screen instead of receiving a server error. (WHD3613)/141016/Fixes
My StudentsEnrollment tabTwo new End Date Codes are available for state reporting beginning this 2014/15 school year. 2D-Enrolled in Public Agency is to be used for students who leave your school and enroll in Juvenile Detention or some other public agency other than a public school. 4F-Student met all Grad Requirements and will be awarded diploma on exit is to be used for students who complete all graduation requirements in June but will return in the fall for college classes. (WHD852)/140919/New
My StudentsImmunization tabOregon Department of Health implemented new immunization requirements beginning September 1, 2014. Religious exemptions have been converted to Non-medical exemptions and require a Vaccine Education Certificate (VEC) for all exemptions after 2/28/2014. We added check boxes to the screens for you to identify if the VEC is from a health professional or an online course. We also added an “Unsigned” checkbox so you can enter shots for students whose parents forgot to sign the shot form. The student will be assessed as Insufficient until parent signs the form. (WHD737)/140919/New
My StudentsImmunization tabLBL RECOMMENDATION: Run an Immunization Status Detail or Protection Status Report for ALL Categories using a future date of 10/15/2014 to update the current status of all students and see who is incomplete after the 30 day grace period./140919/New
ReportsReport LauncherReport Cards (Grades & Transcripts)Report cards now process to the ‘Manage Output New’ tab. This begins a migration process for long running report services to process in batch mode (in the background) so you can continue to work. Report descriptions and file types are now displayed. (WHD951)/140919/New
ReportsGrade DrilldownGPA Range is now available on the Grade Drilldown screen. Use this feature to order Academic Records or other reports for students within a GPA range. GPA has 4 options: Cumulative, Marking Period, and Annual all use the Interval/Type selected at the top of the screen. CUM-All Term Types will include transfer term types such as YR, SS, or terms different than your building (for example, Q1 transfer grades when your school uses semesters S1, S2). (WHD820)/140919/New
Maintain TablesGrading Interval TableA new edit requires the School Profile Term tab to be completed before you can enter grading term information. Grade interval dates must be within the term dates specified in your profile. (WHD938)/140919/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Variable Export (General Student)Graduation Year is now available as a field option under the Enrollment category. (WHD751)/140919/Enhancement
ReportsWork Sample Collection Report (Assessment)A “Page break by student” option is now available on the Student Work Sample Detail report. This report can be used as a student file copy of detail information or to send to parents. (WHD1034) /140919/Enhancement
Student InformationTeacher/AdvisorAssignmentsA Verify button is available on the Teacher/Advisor assignment screen. This is used to identify when a school is ready for LBL to send their student advisor information to Pinnacle for attendance (usually in August). Currently, all schools are in session so the button is unavailable (complete) for the 2014/15 school year. This will be a new option to complete for the 2015/16 year. (WHD702)/140919/Enhancement
My StudentsMy Students pageSome student photos were showing very large and changing the spacing on the demographic page. The error is fixed and all photos show uniform size now. (WHD1865)/140919/Fixes
My StudentsCohort Year Filters – multiple screensOnly schools with grades 9-12 will see the Cohort Filter. (WHD868)/140919/Fixes
My StudentsOther Assessments tabA red asterisk (*) identifies CIP, Type and Pass Code as the only required fields for CTE assessments. (WHD899)/140919/Fixes
ReportsCohort Year Filters – multiple reportsOnly schools with grades 9-12 will see the Cohort Filter. (WHD933)/140919/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Variable Export // and Labels (General Student)Previous year reports now default to BOTH Active and Withdrawn. (WHD905)/140919/Fixes
School ProfileSchool Personnel tabThe Role dropdown list now shows a single set of Roles for all schools - duplicates have been removed. (WHD1061)/140919/Fixes
Student InformationEarly LeaverThe Next and Prev page links now work properly. (WHD679)/140919/Fixes
CalendarMembership CalendarA report button is now available on the Set Sessions Days tab. This will print a calendar summary by month. This report shows the totals for session days and non-days. The report is also available at the district office level. The Report Launcher version is in the Calendar category, called Calendar Report. (RT48301)/140724/New
My StudentsCohort Year filterWe added a Cohort Year filter to the My Students page. Cohort Year is only valid for grades 9-12 and is accessed from the Advanced Search link. High schools can use Cohort Year to assist in identifying 12th grade students who are enrolled beyond 4 years. (RT68010)/140724/New
My StudentsContact tabWe added a new column to the Contact grid that shows if a contact person’s information is being sent to the Pinnacle Gradebook. (RT68453)/140724/New
My StudentsContact tabWe added 3 new indicators to the Contact detail page which allow you to control which contacts are sent to the gradebook. If “Send to Gradebook” is marked as YES, you can then indicate if a person should have access to PIV information and if they are a Guardian. The first two contacts marked as Guardian will continue to be shown on the Pinnacle demographic page. (RT68344)/140724/New
State ReportingPhysical Restraint and SeclusionA new download is available for districts to report the Physical Restraint and Seclusion information to ODE. Not all fields of information are available in WebSIS. The download will give you summary totals of data, but districts will need to complete descriptions of rooms and steps taken to improve responses. (RT63600)/140724/New
Student InformationMultiple pagesCohort Year filterCohort Year filter is now available on the following Student Information pages: Additional Programs, Counselor Assignment, Diploma Tracking, Graduation Status, Immunization, and Teacher/Advisor. Cohort Year is only valid for grades 9-12 and is accessed from the Advanced Search link. High schools can use Cohort Year to assist in identifying 12th grade students who are enrolled beyond 4 years. (RT68011, 68012, 68013, 68014, 68015, 68016, 68017)/140724/New
ReportsReport LauncherBehavior Export - District (Behavior Tracking)The new behavior export is available at the district level. Additional columns of information will be added to the district level report in future builds. At that point, the report can be used to verify the new Restraint/Seclusion detail information. (RT68037)/140724/New
ReportsReport LauncherCohort Year filterCohort Year filter is now available on the following Report Launcher reports: Academic Records, Mailing Labels, Student Variable Export, and Student Variable Labels. Cohort Year is only valid for grades 9-12. High schools can use Cohort Year to assist in identifying 12th grade students who are enrolled beyond 4 years. (RT68018, 68019, 68020, 68022)/140724/New
ReportsGrade DrilldownA Cohort Year filter and GPA Range are now available on the Grade Drilldown screen. GPA Range works the same as the GPA report. The default is cumulative GPA but you can select marking period, or annual. (RT57816)/140724/New
AttendanceAttendance SummaryThe attendance percentage rate per student is now available included in the export from the Attendance Summary page. (RT67757)/140724/Enhancement
Maintain TablesAcademic Record TemplatesThe SAT and ACT parameter fields are now open to control printing on the transcripts. You have a choice of best score or most recent date. Best score will pull the highest component score for each section of the test from multiple attempts, and no date will be shown. Most recent date will show the test date and component scores from a single test. (RT57657)/140724/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherAcademic Record (Grades & Transcripts)SAT and ACT scores now print on Academic Records. Scores show in the Essential Skills box above the Enrollment History section of the report. (RT57816)/140724/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherFailure Incomplete Report (Grades & Transcripts)A Grade filter is now available on the Failure Incomplete report. (RT65829)/140724/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Picture Report (General Student)Updates were made to improve performance for the Student Picture report. Larger schools should not have to wait as long for the report to process. (RT68069)/140724/Enhancement
My StudentsMy Students pageTotals ButtonWhile adding the Cohort Year filter to My Students, we discovered that the Totals button [=] was not functioning correctly. We fixed the window to show correct information with the various filter fields. (RT68438)/140724/Fixes
My StudentsStudent Behavior tabBehavior ExportWe had a number of reports that the new behavior export was not working in the Firefox browser. Please check the followig browser settings:
- Tools > Options - make sure that '.dat file' is set to "always ask"
- View > Page Style > Basic Style
If you still cannot get the export to open in Excel:
1. try using the Internet Explorer browser;
2. compare your browser setting with anotehr device that is working and make appropriate changes; or
3. call your network technician. (RT68360)/140724/Fixes
State AssessmentWork Sample entry pageThe Prev and Next links work if you select 100 rows to display. (RT67482)/140724/Fixes
My StudentsGrades tabA new “Drop” indicator is available on the Current Year Grade Entry and Grade History pages. A “Y/N” field is at the bottom of the list on the Current Year Grade Entry page. Grade History page entry is a checkbox at the end of the line. Selecting either option adds the word DROP in the front of the course title on the grade reports and academic records. (RT46717)/140620/New
ReportsReport LauncherBehavior Export (Behavior Tracking)A new behavior export option replaces the old Discipline Verification Report. The export includes all behavior data fields. To verify the exported data in Excel® for state reporting, turn the filter on for all fields, then filter column AW (ODE Type Code) to remove blanks. This will identify all records to report to ODE. Next, filter column AC (Incident Code) for Weapons violations. Verify that at least one weapon has been identified in columns AL-AQ (you can identify up to 3). Make corrections in the WebSIS on the student’s Response page. Verify other reporting information such as number of days for all suspensions and expulsions. NOTE: A district version is currently in the works. (RT34603)/140620/New
Upload Data FileUpload Data Files to SIS pageSSID - District LevelDistrict offices can now upload production download files from ODE into the WebSIS for Secure Student IDs. LBL ESD will continue to send a complete file of students to ODE Monday afternoons. Districts can complete their cleanup on the ODE site, and then upload their changes into WebSIS when they are complete. (RT63810)/140620/New
My StudentsStudent Home tabA new message above the Contact information shows “Student has Alerts, see below” if the student has any Alert Flags. For people with smaller monitors, this indicator clues you to scroll down the page for more information. (RT65895)/140620/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Archival Report (General Student)We removed Alternative Education summary information from this report. Instead, a message now identifies students who have Alternative Ed hours, which requires you to run the Alternative Ed Attendance report. (RT47344)/140620/Enhancement
Student InformationGraduation StatusWe now have the ability to “unfinalize” the graduation status screen. This option is only available at the ESD level. Please call the LBL ESD Help Desk to have this procedure performed. (RT47152)/140620/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherAcademic Record (Grades & Transcripts)Weighted GPA and Rank information prints correctly on the Academic Record. (RT67756)/140620/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherGrade History Export (Grades & Transcripts)College Credit is included in the export at both the school and individual student level. (RT67547)/140620/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherGrade History Export (Grades & Transcripts)Fixed the Search/Sort heading from the Grade History Export so it doesn’t migrate to other report options. (RT67489)/140620/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherReport Sort OptionsSort options on all reports except GPA Report and Failure/Incomplete now default to Student Name (alphabetic by school). (RT52653)/140620/Fixes
State AssessmentWork Sample entry pageChanges to work sample scores were not allowed for students with multiple enrollment records for the year (withdrawn/re-entered) if the scores were associated with early enrollment records. We fixed the error; you can now edit any work sample score entered on the page within the current year dates. (RT66722)/140620/Fixes
Student InformationEarly LeaverThe Enrollment History Detail screen from Early Leavers was missing the WC and WG codes in the withdrawal dropdown. The codes now show on the screen, but you cannot manually select those options for updating students. Those are system-generated codes only. The end date codes can be updated without generating an error. (RT67982)/140620/Fixes
My StudentsGrades tabWatermarks on Academic RecordsThe single student Academic Record from the grades tab now prints watermarks. (RT66963)/140523/New
My StudentsGrades tabA new export button is now available on the Grad Plan portion of the student Grades tab. The export includes ALL grade history for the student including currently scheduled courses. A CTE course indicator (Y/N) is included. Grade types include: E-earned, S-scheduled. (RT63731)/140523/New
My StudentsOther Assessments tabA new tab is available for entering and viewing the following assessments: ACT, PSAT, SAT, and CTE. ACT, PSAT, and SAT scores can be uploaded from an
electronic file using the WebSIS ‘Upload Data File’ menu. CTE assessments
must be manually entered at this time. Other assessments will be available on the Student Assessment Summary report in future releases. (RT63706, 63765, 65806)/140523/New
My StudentsOther Assessments tabCTE Assessment tests entered on the Other Assessment tab are included in the CTE Student file sent to ODE in June. Because of the wide variety of CTE
assessment available, only minimal score fields have been provided. The
Assessment date, CIP code, Type and Pass Code are required for ODE
reporting. (RT46246)/140523/New
ReportsReport LauncherGrade History Export (Grades & Transcripts)This new report will produce a spreadsheet for all students and their
grade history for the current environment year. Selecting All terms will include progress and final grades for the current year. Prior years will only show final grades. Grade types include: A/E-manually entered (via grade history), Conversion, M-manually entered current grade screen, T-transferred, and ‘blank’-imported from Pinnacle GB. (RT65266)/140523/New
State ReportingDistrict ReportingFreshman on TrackThis new file submission reports all 9th grade cohort students who earned 6 or more credits by the end of their freshman year. The collection includes only the SSID core data elements. Submission sends the file directly to ODE.
Remember to verify and finalize data on the ODE website. (RT64906)/140523/New
State ReportingDistrict ReportingRecent Arrivers - Plus version downloadWe added a “plus” version of the Recent Arrivers download which includes the following additional fields: School name, country name, date in country, current FTE, and total membership days on the LBL system. We also added filtering to remove students in grades 5-12 whose date in country was greater than 5 years from the run date even if they did not have 540 membership days on the LBL system. Please review your records carefully and remove any additional students you do not want reported to ODE. Delete the additional columns (BEBI) before uploading the file to ODE. (RT59129)/140523/New
Global Student SearchGlobal Student Search pageStudent Information DetailWe added information to the Global Student Search detail: Cohort year,
Graduation Date and Diploma. Also, a previously graduated student from your school will show a report button that allows you to print an Academic Record without having to change environment years ?. (RT66308, 66275)/140523/Enhancement
Maintain TablesCTE Course LinkingNew 6-digit CIP codes have replaced old 3-digit strand numbers in the linking dropdown window. Course numbers showing on the left side of the page are pulled from the ODE website. The linking process requires you to enter the CURRENT SILK course number from your course catalog on the right. If no course name shows on the right after saving, no linking has occurred. (RT60240, 60249)/140523/Enhancement
My StudentsEnrollment tabA new ‘Retain’ checkbox is available, located near the Next Year School field. Check this box and update the school to create a next year planning record for the same grade level as the current year. (RT58963)/140523/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherAcademic Record (Grades & Transcripts)If your school uses weighted courses or weighted +/- grades, the Academic Record template will now control the report with or without weighting. You no longer need to call LBL ESD to reset the weight controls. (RT53815)/140523/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherBehavior Archive Report (Behavior Tracking)Restraint and Seclusion information is now included on the Behavior Archive report. (RT65394)/140523/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherEthnic Summary Report (General Student)We added Unduplicated Student counts to the bottom of the summary report. This information is used in various state/federal reports. (RT66170)/140523/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherConfidential Student Incident Report (Behavior Tracking)Restraint and Seclusion information is now included on the Behavior Archive report. (RT65394)/140523/Enhancement
Student InformationNext Year SchoolWe added a new Retain field to the screen. Check this box to create a next year planning record for the same grade as the current year. The school information must also reflect the school the student will be in for the next year. (RT58489)/140523/Enhancement
AttendanceAttendance SummaryThe Advanced Search filters for staff with READ only rights now allow entry in the Absence/Tardy Between/To fields. Values entered in these fields limit the display to absences and tardies within a specified range. (RT66058)/140523/Fixes
Enrollment TotalsAlternative Education tabField size has been increased for Scheduled and Actual hours to accommodate numbers over 100,000. (RT67118)/140523/Fixes
Enrollment TotalsBasic Funding tabExcessive absences for some 0.5 FTE students were showing membership as a negative number on the student detail screen. We changed the screen to always show whole numbers for both Present and Absent prior to the FTE calculation. The enrollment history tab shows the values cut in half (0.5) to reflect what was reported to ODE. (RT66898)/140523/Fixes
Enrollment TotalsTransactions tabThe export from the Transaction screen now includes only those records shown on the screen. (RT65217)/140523/Fixes
Enrollment TotalsWeekly Verification tabThe School Year field label was misspelled on the detail screen for any category selected. Spelling is correct now. (RT65688)/140523/Fixes
My StudentsAdditional Programs tabStudents who were enrolled in multiple schools with an additional program enrollment (example: Migrant ed) were returning an error when the user tried to delete a program prior to the most current enrollment record. The error has been corrected and you can now remove any program within the current school year. (RT66030)/140523/Fixes
My StudentsOther Assessments tabWork sample entry was not accepting an engineering work sample for a senior based on cohort year 1011. The cohort has been removed from strand edits. If the student’s enrollment and work sample dates apply to an active strand area, cohort is no longer a factor. (RT66413)/140523/Fixes
My StudentsEssential Skills tabOAKS scores loaded by LBL ESD from ODE are now “protected” and cannot be changed. Only assessments that have been manually entered may be changed or removed. (RT66035)/140523/Fixes
My StudentsGrades tabGPA CalculationWe added an Interval/MP value of YR:F to the dropdown. Use this option with GPA Display of Cumulative or Annual to include course grades entered manually using interval values different than your current table. For example: SS-summer term, or transferred grades from schools using terms different than your school (YR, T, Q). (RT48296)/140523/Fixes
ProcessesEnd of Year ChecklistCTE checklist items will only show for high schools that have marked the School Profile Demographic tab checkbox for Career Technical Education. (RT66540)/140523/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherAcademic Record (Grades & Transcripts)Weighted courses with +/- grades were not showing the *asterisk indicator. The asterisk is now showing. (RT65521)/140523/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherAcademic Record (Grades & Transcripts)Grade history overflowing into column 3 is now correctly formatted with Units/GPA and weighted *asterisk if appropriate. (RT65028)/140523/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherIncident Summary by Student (Behavior Tracking)Values entered for incidents “Greater than” in the # field now filter properly. Only students with incidents higher than the number entered will display. (RT65392)/140523/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherMailing Labels (Household & Contact)Non-lives with contacts were not printing addresses if the mailing address fields were blank. We changed the program to use the resident address for mailing if no separate mailing address existed. (RT66762)/140523/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherReport Services Pop-up Windows - IEWe removed the printer icon from the Internet Explorer reports window. (RT66143)/140523/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Variable Export // and Labels (General Student)The City and Zip filter fields are working now. (RT66878)/140523/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherStudent Variable Export // and Labels (General Student)Updated field selections match other variable screens. We also added a Sort by Class List option. (RT61220)/140523/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherBrowser issue - FirefoxQuick Groups, Flag Drilldown and Grade Drilldown report dropdown were not displaying properly in Firefox. Formatting is fixed and the report dropdown and clipboard button are now together. (RT66953)/140523/Fixes
State ReportingKG AssessmentWe removed the school level option. The free/reduced lunch field will only populate correctly (Y/N) if it’s ordered by a user with secure access to the district Free/Reduced Lunch screen. Districts will need to distribute the information to their schools if they choose to have them complete the entry. (RT62308)/140523/Fixes
Student InformationBehavior IncidentsThe Incident report generated from the Detail page clipboard now shows the correct time from the screen, instead of defaulting to 12:00am. (RT65498)/140523/Fixes
Student InformationBehavior IncidentsQuick Entry screen shows the red asterisk by Response for all schools using SWIS again. It disappeared on the last production build with the addition of the Restraint/Seclusion field. (RT66230)/140523/Fixes
Student InformationEnglish ProficiencyPrevious year X (Exit Complete) students were not promoting to new schools. We copied the exited information forward to the current schools and fixed the process to roll exit records forward with the withdrawal/re-enrollment and the summertime process. (RT62988)/140523/Fixes
Staff SecurityAccess Rights - READWe added READ only rights to Staff Security. People with READ only access
will be able to see the list of Staff, view staff detail, update email address, and export a list of staff. They cannot change names or assign rights. (RT63613)/140317/New
ProcessesEnd of Year ChecklistA new online check-off screen is now available to help you through the year-end processes. Some items will be automatically checked when screens are finalized in WebSIS. Other items must be manually checked when complete. All options must be complete before you leave in June so we can complete the system rollover process in July. (RT57880)/140317/New
Student InformationBehavior IncidentsA new Seclusion/Restraint field is available on the Behavior Quick Entry screen and the Student Incident Detail screen. There are 4 values available: Seclusion, Restraint, Seclusion/Restraint, and Seclusion in Locked Room. Information entered will allow LBL to summarize data for the new ODE Physical Restraint and Seclusion report due in July. NOTE: A download file on the District State Reporting screen is visible, but is not fully activated. Full function will be available in a future build. (RT62068)/140317/New
Upload Data FileUSID file - District LevelDistrict offices can now upload an ODE staff file directly to WebSIS using the USID option. Make staff license updates on the ODE website, then request a Production Download. For best results, save the file to your desktop in CSV format. Select ‘Upload Data File’ then select your saved file, change the File Type to USID and [Save]. You can export the error list and check issues using the Staff Security Global Search page. (RT63810)/140317/New
Enrollment TotalsWeekly Verification tabWe added an error message to the weekly verification process for Period 4
cumulative reporting. If any open Thresholds exist, a message will notify you to complete Threshold processing before continuing with finalization. (RT62995)/140317/Enhancement
Student InformationTitle XExportWe added columns for Migrant Ed, Indian Ed, 504, Pregnant and Teen Parent to the export list from the Title X page. (RT64058)/140317/Enhancement
Student InformationImmunizationExportWe added an Advisor column to the export on the immunization page. (RT64551)/140317/Enhancement
AttendanceAlternative EducationProgram is now marked as required. This corrects the server error generated if Program was blank when the search button was pushed. (RT64978)/140317/Fixes
My StudentsAdditional Programs tabA server error was generated if you tried to access the Additional Program tab from the Title X page. We corrected the error. (RT65411)/140317/Fixes
My StudentsEnrollment tabWe removed the edit that did not allow a program 14 (WN) withdrawal on
students with pre-existing enrollment for the current year. This may happen if a student leaves school having completed credit requirements but not Essential Skills. Diploma information cannot be dated prior to completion of all requirements and may require the use of a program 14 record. (RT65441)/140317/Fixes
ProcessesStart of Year ChecklistA new Term tab line item has been added to the onlin checklist. (RT65016)/140317/Fixes
Grade Import processCumulative GPA is now automatically calculated with the grade import. (RT64770)/140317/Fixes
Staff SecurityStaff Detail - District levelRecent enhancements to the District Staff Security screen did not address reactivating employees from historical status. We changed the School pop-up window so all buildings where the person is not currently active are available for selection. (RT64852)/140317/Fixes
Student InformationAdditional Programs tabThe FTE column has been changed to show the BSF FTE for Special Programs. This will allow districts with Expanded Options and College Coursework students to identify which students may need to have hours adjusted on the ODE website. ODE only allows 12 hours for Period 2, 24 for Period 3, and 36 for Period 4. Students with .50 FTE can only be reported for half the amount. Students with 1.0 FTE cannot have college course hours reported. (RT65007)/140317/Fixes
Student InformationTitle XThe export from the Title X screen now populates the TAG column with ‘Yes’ if the student has any TAG flags (T10-12,T30-33). Previously, it was looking for a TAG program enrollment. Be sure to add any appropriate TAG flags to students. (RT65549)/140317/Fixes
Manage Jobs/OutputManage Output tabWe streamlined the printer output queue to emphasize PDF printing. You do not need to start/stop a writer or choose form type in User Preferences. Five reports still utilize the output queue: Academic Records, Behavior Archive, Registration Forms, Report Cards and Student Archive. These reports now all process in “release” mode. Click the PDF button to view/print the report once Page number is showing greater than 0.

NOTE: Old reports in your output queue need to be cleaned out – please delete reports once you print them. (RT58425)/140205/New
My StudentsStudent Notes tabA new Student Notes tab is available at the school level. You may
categorize notes by topics: College Info, Conduct, General, Personal, Safety
Plan, Scheduling, and Telephone Call. All notes are school specific and will not move between buildings. Administrator, Counselor, Registrar, Office Manager, Counseling Secretary, and Behavior Specialist security roles will automatically receive access to this new option. (RT43192)/140205/New
School ProfileTerms tabA new School Profile tab is available to identify schedule structure and dates in WebSIS. The current year is populated and locked. These dates help identify grading intervals and actual dates of classes. Mid-year date changes must be processed by LBLESD. (RT62736)/140205/New
My StudentsImmunization tabWe added a combined MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella) shot field. If you enter dates in this field, the individual shot fields will populate when you save the page. For students who received individual shots on separate dates, due to allergy or special needs, enter the dates in the lower (individual) shot fields. (RT63592)/140205/Enhancement
ReportsReport LauncherMailing Labels (Household & Contact)The grade level filter is now multi-select and we added an Advisor filter. Schools can now select an individual Advisor or order labels for a blended classroom. (RT57518)/140205/Enhancement
Staff SecurityStaff Directory pageEmail addresses now print on the Excel® download column AD. Please use this option to verify that each staff member has a valid email address. This information is pushed to the Pinnacle gradebook for teachers. (RT64571)/140205/Enhancement
Enrollment TotalsBasic Funding (District only)Residency FiltersPRV-Private funded students now show under the District ‘Non-Resident-District Pays’ selection only. (RT64458)/140205/Fixes
Enrollment TotalsTransactions tabThe export function now shows only students for the codes you have selected on the screen instead of all students. (RT63980)/140205/Fixes
Enrollment TotalsWeekly Verification tabStudents withdrawn with the WN code are now reflected correctly in the withdrawn and student remaining numbers. (RT63987)/140205/Fixes
Enrollment TotalsBasic Funding tabStudents withdrawn with the WN code are now reflected correctly in the withdrawn and student remaining numbers. (RT63987)/140205/Fixes
Enrollment TotalsNext Year PlannedWe changed the title of this tab from ‘Projected’ to ‘Planned’ to synchronize descriptions with the student ‘Planned’ record status. This tab identifies students pointed at your school for the next school year. We removed the detail button for the lowest grade level students because they do not belong to you yet. This resolved error messages people were reporting. (RT58988)/140205/Fixes
Maintain TablesIncident MaintenanceIf you add/update incident code information, the page now holds on to the current page position when you save. (RT64298)/140205/Fixes
Maintain TablesResponse MaintenanceIf you add/update response code information, the page now holds on to the current page position when you save. (RT64298)/140205/Fixes
My StudentsAdditional Programs tabEnrollment programs end dates now update to match BSF enrollment if the school calendar end date is changed. Ongoing programs created at rollover (TAG, Migrant Ed) with a June 30th date will remain unchanged until end-of-year ADM is finalized. (RT64336)/140205/Fixes
My StudentsEnrollment tabStatus changes (W1/R1) will now show the new transaction date in the Enrollment Date field. Previously, the original enrollment date remained on the screen. If a student changed grade levels and the grades started on different dates, an error message was generated and stopped the transaction. (RT63713)/140205/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherAcademic Record (Grades & Transcripts)We now run a nightly process to update Cumulative GPA and Ranking. This should help keep information on the academic record synchronized. If you manually add/update grade history information and want GPA information immediately updated, you will still need to run a GPA report before running the Academic Record. (RT64770)/140205/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherIncidents & Response Summary (Behavior Tracking)The single response selection filter is working. The top portion of the report will show all the incidents associated with a specific response. The bottom portion shows the totals responses by grade, gender. Ethnic summary information is an optional selection. (63161)/140205/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherProtection Status Report - District (Immunization)Large districts were not able to select a single school report without timing out the screen. The School filter is now working properly. (64603)/140205/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherImmunization Status Detail - District (Immunization)Large districts were not able to select a single school report without timing out the screen. The School filter is now working properly. (64603)/140205/Fixes
ReportsReport LauncherImmunization Status Summary - District (Immunization)This report is designed to work in conjunction with the Status Detail report. Always run the Detail report first to reassess students and update totals. This report has been corrected to allow single school filtering at the district level. (RT64800)/140205/Fixes
SIS Suite ApplicationsTetraDataAnalyzer and Dashboard sub-menu links have been removed from the SIS Suite Application menu. TetraData is officially retired./140205/Fixes
State AssessmentUnmatched StudentsThe Unmatched Students screen now shows the correct test with unmatched students. Please remember to check this option on a regular basis and cleanup records so student scores post properly. LBL ESD loads OAKS/ELPA scores on a weekly basis in the spring. (RT64432)/140205/Fixes
Staff SecurityStaff DetailChanges made to the Staff screen on the 131231 build generated new errors when adding staff at the school level. We corrected the error message and updated the Add/Save button functions. Also, the legal name will auto populate the preferred name field for quicker updates. (RT63891)/140205/Fixes
Staff SecuritySecurity Information pageThe new Locator Report is available under the General Student category. This report is automatically assigned to Administrators, Registrar, Office Manager, and Counseling Secretary. You may add it to other staff as needed. (RT64558)/140205/Fixes
Student InformationGraduation StatusProgram 14 students are now showing as graduates on the Graduation Status screen. (RT63982)/140205/Fixes
My StudentsGrades tabGPA and Rank was not updating on the grades tab when a GPA Report processed. Processes are updated and we have added additional Cumulative GPA and Rank information to the bottom of the Current Grades grid. The top line of GPA and Rank information reflects numbers associated with the Interval/Marking Period selected on the right. The bottom line is the most recent overall “Cumulative” calculation processed. The bottom GPA will display as a 4 digit decimal. (RT63272, 64373)/131238/Fixes
My StudentsImmunization tabThe Protection Status report from the clipboard button runs in report services now and will show in a pop-up window on the screen. (RT63518)/131238/Fixes

Important Message

LBL ESD is providing modified services due to COVID-19 and the statewide school closure. Please contact 541-812-2600 for assistance. Limited staffing during the closure will make response to public inquiry difficult, and some inquiries may be delayed until programs reopen.