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Attendance Audits



LBL has provided a strong School Attendance Advisor program to component schools for a number of years.  During the past two years, schools have increasingly asked that we expand our program to help them maximize punctual and consistent student attendance. Subsequently, we designed and produced our attendance review solution, based on best practices research. The attendance review has been used throughout our region at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Solution Summary

Attendance reviews follow an on-site clinical protocol comprising a

  • pre-conference (discuss goals and procedures),
  • data collection (a snapshot of what’s happening), and
  • post-conference (discuss discrepancies between goals and what’s happening and strategize practical alternatives).

A report will be issued to the school after the visit. At least one follow-up is recommended to review and refine the implemented strategy and practices using LBL’s Attendance Scoring Guide.


Although quantitative data on the impact of the review process on student attendance is still being gathered, anecdotal evidence collected in follow-up visits to reviewed schools thus far indicates that the reviews result in:

  • More accurate tracking of attendance.
  • More consistent application of attendance-related procedures.
  • Administrative awareness of the system’s efficiency in tracking attendance and implementing interventions.
  • Improved systems of internal communication relative to attendance.

Attendance Review Pricing

There is no charge for this service to schools in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties. It includes an experienced two-person team conducting a full-day attendance review with follow-up written report summary.

“Having outside, objective observers with the expertise of this ESD team come into our school and provide us feedback about our attendance process has been very helpful. It reinforced the positive practices we already had in place, and has resulted in a number of very significant improvements in how we encourage student attendance. We enthusiastically invite other schools to call and let us explain how the process is working for us!”

Susie Orsborn
Vice Principal
West Albany High School


What is an attendance review?
A small team of experienced auditors will come and spend the entire day at your school. They will observe how students enter the building and begin the day. They will observe hallways and outside areas during class time. They will interview attendance secretaries, counselors, teachers, and administrators. They will eat lunch with groups of students and ask them for insight about the school’s attendance practices. They will carefully review processes used by the school to track attendance, intervene with attendance and tardiness issues, and communicate about attendance with staff, students, and parents. At the conclusion of the day they will engage the administrative team in an “exit dialogue.”
What is an exit dialogue?
The real experts about school processes and challenges are the administrators and attendance personnel who wrestle daily with attendance-related issues. That is why we consider the exit dialogue to be the most important part of the review process. We ask that schools set aside two hours at the end of the review visit day for this meeting. The full administrative team should be in attendance as well as attendance secretaries and other key personnel working with attendance-related issues in the building.

During the exit dialogue, our team will share preliminary observations, data, and impressions. We will highlight and celebrate the strong practices we see. We will seek to clarify things that are unclear to us and will work to engage the team in meaningful brainstorming about potential options to consider.

Is a report generated?
Yes, we typically complete a report at the conclusion of the review which reviews the basic elements of the school’s attendance system, highlights the strengths of the system, and outlines areas warranting further consideration by the building attendance team.
What kind of follow-up is available?
Additional follow-up support is available and flexible. Examples of follow-ups we have conducted to-date include:

  • Presentations to school staff
  • Presentations to the school board
  • Follow-up review
  • Provision of self-evaluation follow-up tools (including the use of our recently developed Attendance Scoring Guide.)
How much will a review cost?
There is no charge for this service to schools in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties. However, if your school is outside of LBL ESD’s region, costs vary some depending upon your district’s distance from our “home base” location in Albany, the amount of follow-up you would like, etc. However, this is a very affordable service. In most cases, if the review results in the return or retention of just one student for your school, the funding generated will more than pay the cost of the review.
What does the schedule look like for a typical review?

Day 1 (full-day)

7:30 a.m.: Meet with school administration

  • Review schedule
  • Identify teacher prep periods
  • Review participation commitment for 3 p.m. meeting

7:50 a.m.: Review team in halls observing student entrance to building, entrance to classrooms, etc.

8:30 – noon: Review team interviews teachers, attendance personnel, administration

  • Observes hallways and areas outside the building during class time
  • Observes attendance record-keeping practices

Lunch: Team interviews groups of students in the lunchroom during lunch about perceptions of the school’s attendance practices

Post-lunch: Team continues observing & interviewing

  • Prepares preliminary written overview of observations

3:00 p.m.: Review team meets with administrative team and attendance personnel for an exit meeting to review observations, highlight system strengths, and dialogue about considerations for improvements.

Day 2 (.25 day)

Team prepares written review summary based on observations, interviews, and exit meeting input and dialogue.

Follow-Up (.5 day)

Similar to Day 1 schedule with exit meeting at noon. Attention focus is on follow-up to concerns and plans generated during Day 1 as highlighted in the review report. Typically, the exit meeting also includes a review of the Attendance Scoring Guide discussion tool.

Student & Family Support Services – Contact

Program Administrator:
Ann Lavond

Admin. Assistant:
Theresa Lynch

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