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This page contains a variety of resources that may be of use to teachers or other professionals working with transition aged youth.  They are organized as  Documents or Folders.


Cross Agency Employment Services and Other Frequently Used Terms
This document provides a cross reference of frequently used terms. It was provides an explanation of different terms as they are used in different agencies.

Planning My Way to Work: A transition guide for students with disabilities leaving high school
Developed by the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities (2014) to serve as a transition guide for families and students.

A Timeline For Transition: A teachers companion to “Planning My Way to Work”
Developed by the Lane County Transition Linkage Coalition as a companion to the Planning my Way to Work book.  This document lays out specific activities and agencies that schools and families can consider as students progress through the transition process.


The links below lead to folders that contain a compilation of resources related to transition and transition assessment:

Table of Contents
This document is a set of screen shots of the contents of each of the folders below

Assessment and Career Development Activities
This folder contains a number of assessment tools and activities that can be used in helping students identify career and occupational directions.

This folder contains a number of free curriculum that is in pdf form that can be downloaded.

Community Transition Programs
Examples – This folder consists of teacher made forms and materials used in some transition programs. (Thanks to all those who have shared!)

Teacher Resources
This folder contains a number of resources related to best practices in transition.

Parent Resources
This folder contains a number of documents and books that will help parents understand the transition process and some of the adult agencies they may work with.

Developmental Disability Services
This folder contains a number of documents related to Developmental Disability Services including brochures, Q&A about the K plan and more.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services
This folder contains a number of documents related to Vocational Rehabilitation Services including brochures, qualification criteria and more.