LBL ESD serves educational agencies, districts, and schools across the state with high-quality services and programs that are practical, reliable and economical. LBL ESD has a distinguished reputation for supporting educational excellence and equity, working cooperatively with educators and educational agencies, and effecting productive solutions that help schools, teachers, students and families meet Oregon’s educational goals.

LBL ESD comprises 12 component school districts and over 89 schools with approximately 37,000 students in Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties. LBL ESD also serves students and districts elsewhere in Oregon through grants and contracts. Its governance structure includes a seven-member Board. LBL ESD has an annual budget of approximately $60 million and work force of approximately 225 employees.


Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District serves districts, schools and students by providing equitable, flexible and effective educational services through economy of scale.


To be a responsive and transparent organization that supports districts in helping every child succeed.


  • Success for all students and their districts
  • Relationships built on trust, responsiveness and honesty
  • The four “E”s of Excellence, Equity, Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Accountability


We believe that every student, staff and community partner should be treated equitably. Our focus is to eliminate disparities among all groups.

Please read our Equity Lens.

Education Service Districts

The State of Oregon is comprised of 19 Education Service Districts (ESD) that serve all 36 counties. The purpose of Oregon’s Education Service Districts is defined in Oregon law (Oregon Revised Statute ORS 334.005).

Education Service Districts assist School Districts and the State of Oregon in achieving Oregon’s education goals by providing equitable educational opportunities for all of Oregon’s public school students. Services are offered within four broad categories:

  • Special Education
  • School Improvement
  • Technology
  • Administrative Services

ESDs and School Districts work collaboratively to determine the specific services that are provided in each region.