COVID-19 NOTE: The Long Term Care & Treatment Center will be utilizing Comprehensive Distance Learning at this time. We will continue to follow the state and county health metrics to determine when we can move into either a hybrid model or all in person.

LBL ESD provides public education services to students admitted to Long-Term Care and Treatment (LTCT) programs. The education programs are funded through a contract with the Oregon Department of Education (ODE).

Student Records (Oregon Residency)

At the time of enrollment, school records, including Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 records, are requested from the student’s previous school. These permanent school records are maintained by the school until the student is withdrawn and the next school requests the records. Report cards are prepared at the end of each quarter or upon withdrawal and sent to schools, parents and guardians.

Academic Advisor

The Academic Advisor meets with each high school student to review transcripts, student interests and goals to determine course needs during enrollment.


Upon enrollment, students take assessments in reading and math to determine current skill levels.

Special Education

Special Education services are provided to eligible students and are funded through the ODE Long Term Care and Treatment Education Program. Clients are placed in Long-Term Care & Treatment for mental health reasons, not special education purposes.

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