The SEES Severe Disabilities Program assists districts by providing support on instructional programming for students with severe intellectual disabilities. Services are provided by a program consultant who serves all districts across Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties.

The SEES Severe Disabilities Program includes the following resources for districts:

  • Conducts the October Severe Disabilities Program child count upon which district financial support is calculated.
  • Assists districts to complete necessary paperwork, including the annual self-assessment and statement of district goals focused on providing and improving services to their students with moderate-severe intellectual disabilities.
  • Monitors district programs, including mid-year and end-of-year progress reports on annual goals.
  • Coordinates library purchases and distributes list of available materials.
  • Provides districts with, or helps districts find, technical assistance and materials identified in goals and objectives.
  • Visits each district monthly to observe programs and to provide consultation.
  • Serves as regional Qualified Trainer for Extended Assessment.
  • Maintains an iPad loaded with educational apps for teacher preview.

Financial support

Districts are provided with funds, which they in turn use to purchase services and supplies for programs that benefit students with moderate-severe intellectual disabilities.

Lending Library

District staff has access to a large collection of professional and student-use materials that target the educational needs of students with moderate-severe intellectual disabilities. Contact the program consultant for instruction on how to check out these materials.

Severe Disabilities Consultant
Jennifer Barabé-Snyder