LBL ESD New Teacher Mentoring Program

We are offering a multi-tiered new teacher mentor program for our region with the goal of providing the tools, resources, and training that are needed for each district to support their novice teachers at the highest level.

MENTOR: learning from someone who wants you to grow

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Greater Albany Public Schools Mentoring Program

Becky Koontz
Becky Koontz
Sylvia Sorenson
Sylvia Sorenson

GAPS currently has two full time mentors working with teachers in the first and second year of their teaching profession. Becky Koontz has been mentoring at the elementary level for 10 years. Sylvia Sorenson is in her first year as a secondary level mentor. Currently, all new teachers are offered the following supports:

  • A full week of paid training prior to the start of the school year which includes an HR orientation, CHAMPS training, curriculum orientation, and time to work in their classroom.
  • Ongoing Behavior Management Learning Opportunities.
  • Bi-weekly Newsletters that include reminders about important information such as leave and impending deadlines, strategies for improving classroom management, communicating with parents, report cards, grading, and group work. District resources are shared in a timely way to reduce overwhelm and to target those resources most useful to new teachers.
  • One on One meetings and classroom visits
    • Mentoring is tailored to fit each individuals needs, goals, current skill level, and emotional capacity
  • Veteran Classroom Visits WITH Mentor

We would love to collaborate with other mentors and answer any questions about our program!

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