LBL ESD New Teacher Mentoring Program

We are offering a multi-tiered new teacher mentor program for our region with the goal of providing the tools, resources, and training that are needed for each district to support their novice teachers at the highest level.


In the Spotlight

Onward Book CoverDo you need to grow your emotional resilience?

Elena Aguilar’s book, Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators, tackles the problem of educator stress, and provides a practical framework for taking the burnout out of teaching. Stress is part of the job, but when 70 percent of teachers quit within their first five years because the stress is making them physically and mentally ill, things have gone too far. The Western Region Education Network (WREN) is offering opportunities to engage with this timely and valuable resource this summer and during the upcoming school year.

Taste of Cultivating Emotional Resilience Flyer - 1-day summer training
Onward Book Study Flyer - 2022-23 school year

All opportunities will be virtual at this time
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