LBL ESD New Teacher Mentoring Program

We are offering a multi-tiered new teacher mentor program for our region with the goal of providing the tools, resources, and training that are needed for each district to support their novice teachers at the highest level.

MENTOR: learning from someone who wants you to grow

In the Spotlight

Lebanon Community School District

Lebanon Community School district has two unique mentoring programs overseen by HR Director Kim Grousbeck and designed to help new-to-district staff thrive in their first year.

Licensed Mentoring Program

Week Zero: New Licensed Academy + Curriculum Academy
All new-to-district licensed staff members attend four days of high-quality professional development during the week before all staff is welcomed back to Lebanon.

Instructional Mentor for Licensed Staff
2023-24 is the third year that each instructional licensed staff member gets a full year of instructional mentorship from Tina Snieder. Depending on interest, need, and experience, new-to-district teachers get a learning walk of excellent classroom visits, as well as between three and eight cycles of instructional coaching with Tina.

Building Mentors
Every new licensed staff member has a building mentor who is their first line of support. Building mentors are often in the same grade level, content area, or have a neighboring classroom.

Please read this document to learn more about the Lebanon Community School District's Licensed Mentoring Program.

Classified/ESP Mentoring Program

Lebanon is proud of its nationally recognized classified/Education Support Professional (ESP) mentoring program that was developed jointly between the district and the local union.

The program mentors support their mentees through ten formally scheduled meetings, including two district-wide events. These meetings occur during work hours on early-release Wednesdays. Each meeting has guided topics that include creating a SMART Goal, our evaluation system, and much more. Mentors also support job-specific skills and create a trusted, supportive relationship that builds the mentee’s confidence and skills.

Please read this document to learn more about the Lebanon Community School District's Classified/ESP Mentoring Program.

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