About YST

Youth Service TeamsYouth Services Teams are multidisciplinary teams that provide integrated services to students and their families in Linn County, Oregon. These teams consist of staff from schools, social service agencies, law enforcement agencies, and other related community service providers. Their purpose is to identify needs of families who work voluntarily with the this team of professionals to identify and arrange services through coordinated planning.

Currently, there are five regional teams serving Northern Linn, Albany, Lebanon, Sweet Home and Southern Linn regions. Every public school in Linn County is served by its regional team which meets regularly to coordinate efforts for children and youth who have been referred for services. The team of agency representatives and the student’s parents, when present, share current information and develop a plan to meet the needs of the student and family.

Regional Teams

When sharing information, the teams adhere to confidentiality guidelines.

Confidentiality Guidelines

Confidentiality rules are implemented to protect our youth and families from unnecessary invasions of their privacy. The rules are also in place to prevent members from using the information for any purpose other than that for which it was intended.

For this reason, parents/guardians give written permission in the form of a signed Release of Information (see example for your region) for the team to share information necessary for coordinating services, with the understanding that their consent is voluntary, in effect for a maximum of one calendar year, and may be revoked at any time by the parent/guardian.

Youth age 14 or older may also request mental health services, alcohol and drug services, and public health services without parental permission or knowledge. In such cases, the YST would need the youth’s permission to share information, even when their parent or guardian has given permission for the YST referral.

Please note that all Mandatory Reporting laws remain in full effect during any and all aspects of the YST process. Any mandatory reporter on a YST is obligated to report concerns or indications that a minor child is being abused, neglected, or exploited.

General Services

Although services may vary by region, there are many basic services offered and/or coordinated by your Youth Services Teams. The Teams work voluntarily with families to coordinate a list of services or interventions based on the student or family’s needs and requests. We work collaboratively with the family as an important part of our team, to develop creative solutions and reduce or minimize barriers to accessing services. Team members also work individually with families on an outreach basis to assist and follow up on services and progress.

  • Referrals to mental health counseling for your child(ren)
  • Activities for youth and/or families
  • Identify additional educational supports that may be beneficial
  • Refer family to other community-based services
  • Agency liaisons to help navigate social service programs
  • Assist with crisis intervention
  • Outreach services
  • and much more…