About SEES

The Special Education and Evaluation Services (SEES) Program provides educational supports to families, teachers and administrators throughout the Linn, Benton, and Lincoln communities. Services offered include consultation and training, programming and systems support, as well as special education evaluation and identification services.

Education, Evaluation, and Consultation Center (EECC)

The Education, Evaluation, and Consultation Center (EECC) provides a variety of evaluation and consultation services to the LBL ESD community, including:

  • Student evaluations
  • Assessment & Consultation with Parents, Students, and Teachers
  • Guidance with Special Education Programming & IDEA Compliance
  • Response to Intervention (RtI) - District Support
  • Special Education Case Management Solution - Training & Assistance
  • Opportunity for Professional Development Activities
  • Professional Development Training Materials

EECC staff include Learning Consultants, School Psychologists, and Speech Language Pathologists. Staff assess school-age children and provide consultation when there are concerns regarding language communication, learning, and behavior.

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