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Board Meetings

We believe that every student, staff and community partner should be treated equitably. Our focus is to eliminate disparities among all groups. Please read our Equity Lens.

Regular Board Meeting – June 18, 2024
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Linn Benton Lincoln ESD Board of Directors will be holding a Regular Board Meeting on Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. Meeting Agenda Information for Community Members Online Stream View the meeting virtually via the following link: Stream will become available and go live at meeting start. Public […]

Virtual Board Meetings – Online Stream

You can find our virtual board meetings streaming live on YouTube during their designated times:

Board Meeting Schedule

2023-24 Board Meeting Schedule

Public Participation

The ESD Board is interested in hearing from the public. To submit a public comment, please review policy BDDH (Public Participation in Board Meetings) and BDDH-AR (Public Comment at Board Meetings). Comments may be made either in person or electronically. Public comment requires your name and address per policy and for public record; public comment should be brief and concise. Please limit your comment to a maximum of 3 minutes. The Board will not hear comments regarding any individual ESD staff member. Complaints involving a staff member must follow procedures outlined in policy KL Public Complaints and KL-AR Public Complaint Procedure. The Board Chair may use discretion to establish a time limit if the number of comments exceeds the time allowed.

To provide public comment in person, if the opportunity is available on the Board agenda, please complete and submit the Intent to Speak card to the Board secretary prior to the meeting. Cards are located at the entrance of the meeting room.

To provide public comment electronically, if the opportunity is available on the Board agenda, please notify the Board secretary by submitting the electronic Intent to Speak form at least one hour prior to the meeting. The electronic form is included in the board meeting announcement posts.

To provide a prerecorded video comment that is original content, related to LBL ESD business and presented by the person submitting the comment, please submit the electronic Intent to Speak form in the board meeting announcement posts and attach a video file. Video files must be received by the Board secretary by 12:00 PM (Noon) the day of the Board meeting. Files must be in a format that does not require modification to play (*.avi, *.mov, *.mp4, *.mpg, *.wmv). Only the first three minutes of the video will be played.

Meeting Documents

Recordings of Board meetings are maintained for one year after the minutes of the meeting were approved. A copy may be obtained by completing a Public Records Request, Policy KBA-AR. Additional information can be found in Policy KBA.