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Plans & Reports

LBL Strategic Plan 2019-2021

LBL staff and the Board of Directors have developed the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan identifies the LBL Goals and Board Objectives and includes Tasks and Activities identified to achieve those Goals and Objectives.

LBL Local Service Plan 2018-2019

LBL is a statewide leader in delivering sound educational services. We serve educational agencies, districts, and schools across the state with high-quality services, and programs that are effective, efficient and reliable.

The Local Service Plan is developed collaboratively with our 12 component districts. The Local Service Plan includes LBL’s vision, values and goals and governance structure. It provides a comprehensive description of all services provided by LBL and includes the Local Service Plan Resolution that describes district agreements about how services are funded.

LBL Annual Report 2017-2018

LBL is funded through multiple sources to assist Linn, Benton, and Lincoln school districts to achieve Oregon’s education goals. The Annual Report is provided to the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) each year. It provides us opportunity to communicate not only to ODE, but to our districts, agencies, and community how our resources are utilized.