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To register your child(ren) as a new home school student(s), complete the Home School Registration either online or in PDF format.

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Homeschool Registration Online Form

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Home School Registration Form

Registro de la escuela de hogar

Download and complete the Home School Registration Form and return/email it to LBL ESD (

Once LBL ESD receives your home school registration form, a confirmation letter will be sent. Online registrations will receive a reply by email. If you do not receive the expected letter or email confirmation, please contact our office by phone 541-812-2751 or email.

You must notify LBL ESD of your intentions to home school within 10 days of withdrawing your child from public or private school. If your child has never attended school, you must notify us of your intentions to home school once the child is six years old.

Your child’s home school registration will remain active until you notify us of a placement change. Students cannot be enrolled in a local public school until they have been released from home school. Please contact our office before registering your student in public/private school, or if you are moving out of the Linn, Benton or Lincoln area.

Oregon online public charter schools are part of the public school system, and not considered a home schooling option. These schools are tuition free, and the entire curriculum is provided. Students enrolled in an Oregon online public charter school are public school students and are NOT considered home school students.