Sometimes a child’s IFSP requires a typical educational setting for preschoolers. In these situations, a community preschool or other setting is made available to the child for the portion of time in which the child’s IFSP goals and objectives are addressed.

In order for the ECSE program to pay costs for private preschool programs, the private preschool must be approved by the Oregon Department of Education. EI/ECSE may not pay tuition to preschool programs that are not approved by Oregon Department of Education.

Review the ODE approval process and applications.

Community Private Preschool Not Approved by ODE

If parents unilaterally choose to place their children in a private preschool setting not approved by the Oregon Department of Education and do not choose the preschool setting offered by the ECSE program, a service plan (modified IFSP) is developed which describes the specific service(s) that the ECSE program offers to children whose parents have refused ECSE placement. There is a limitation on the amount of service that can be provided under this service plan.