About Strategic Partnerships

The Strategic Partnerships department at LBL ESD provides School and Systems Improvement Strategy support through partnerships that facilitate ongoing learning. We provide and assist with the use of data and strategies integral to Improvement Science. As a hub of information from ODE and other educational and mental health organizations, we communicate the latest information in regards to Curriculum, Initiatives and Grants, Professional Development, and opportunities to work with other educators and service providers.

Student Success Act

The Student Success Act aims to correct three decades of under-investment in our schools and our children and includes sweeping provisions for new and improved services for children and families.

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Regular Attender

Chronic Absenteeism is one of the most accurate predictive pieces of data we have for diagnosing current and future barriers to success. Whether or not a student attends regularly has a huge impact on their ability to read at grade level by the 3rd grade. Thankfully, the Student Investment Account provides us with new resources to support regular school attendance.

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