Behavior Consultants provide support to students and their parents, school staff, and community agencies in order to assist students with behavioral or emotional issues that prevent them from experiencing success in school. Most schools attempt strategies developed from a building level staffing, e.g. CARE team (work group meeting where delivery of services for students are discussed), Student Assistance Team, etc. before considering a referral for our services. Although we can provide brief consultative services to staff regarding a specific student, the vast majority of student referrals require parent/guardian permission. To make a referral or request services for Behavior Consultant Services, please contact the Behavior Consultant assigned to your district. You may also submit a referral directly using our Behavior Consultant Services Referral Form linked below:

Behavior Consultant Services Referral Form

Students do not have to be eligible for Special Education services in order to receive services. However, some school districts do give students receiving Special Education services and those on Section 504 Plans high priority.

Typical reasons for referring a student for services include:

  • An inability to sustain focus and/or effort
  • Not following behavior expectations
  • Peer relationship conflicts
  • Disrupting the learning environment
  • Threatening talk or behavior
  • Unusually quiet, withdrawn, or fearful


Our services are based on each student’s individual needs as determined by an assessment. Assessments most commonly utilized include:

After completing an assessment, the specialist recommends targeted interventions that address the needs of the student and fit within their specific class, school, and family. Most commonly used interventions include:

Additional Services

Behavior Consultants can provide additional services, such as: