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Cowpoke Clyde and Dirty Dawg
Listen as Teacher Morning reads Cowpoke Clyde and Dirty Dawg, written by Lori Mortenson and illustrated by Michael Allen Austin. Let’s see if that Dirty Dawg will even get his bath! Thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for allowing readings of their publishing company’s books during this time.

Feeling Angry
There are lots of big feelings in preschool. Take a look at how Lee is feeling. Teacher Jill takes us through feeling angry in this Second Steps lesson.

Learning About Feelings: Caring and Helping
In this Second Step Lesson, Suzy feels sad. Find out how Jaden cares for and helps Suzy feel better.

Song – Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
A favorite. Join Teacher Pedra in singing and doing the movements to this classic song.

Food Signs
Hey parents, does your child need a way to communicate during snacks and meals? Watch this video to learn a few food signs. Teacher Melinda also shares other signs that are helpful at mealtimes, like more, all done and please.

Learning about feelings: Helping others
Puppet Sally got hurt on the playground. Tommy is a big help! Learn about helping others with Teacher Jill in this Second Steps lesson.

Snake Crawl
Snake crawl is a great way to work on using opposite sides of the body at the same time. To make it more challenging try crawling uphill, across uneven ground, or over soft obstacles.

Mary Had a Little Lamb
You know Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow, but did you also know that Mary had a red lamb and a yellow lamb?

Frog Jumps
Frog jumping is a great way to build leg strength, work on jumping skills, and work on spatial awareness. To make it more challenging try frog jumping over small obstacles or frog jump from one target to another to increase your jumping distance.

Learning About Feelings: Same and Different 2
In this Second Steps lesson, Shontell and Marissa are both riding a bike. Find out how they feel about the experience and what facial clues you can look for to tell. It’s ok for people to feel differently about the same thing.

My Turn Sign Language
Sing along with Teacher Edith and learn how to request a turn using the MY TURN sign.

Learning about Feelings: Same and Different
Does everybody feel the same? Puppet Tommy is excited about a visit from the dentist while Sally isn’t so sure. Learn that people can feel differently about the same thing in this Second Step lesson with Teacher Jill.

Song – 5 Little Ducks
Sing along with Teacher Pedra as she tells a tale of a mother duck and her five little ducks. Remember to imitate the gross motor movements to help tell the story.

Sizzle Sizzle Pop
It’s time to jump! Watch this video to learn how to make your body Sizzle and Pop. You will be jumping in no time!

Circle Time with Teacher Bryan
Join Teacher Bryan at circle time. He reviews our 3 Bees (be safe, be friendly, be a worker) and talks about feelings. Teacher Bryan also builds Mat-Man, can you help him? Then he reads Old McDonald Has a Boat, by Steve Goatz and illustrated by Eda Kaban. What does he have in the surprise box today?

Learning About Feelings – Accidents (2)
Uh-oh, another accident happened on the playground. Look at this picture as Teacher Jill explains how these boys might be feeling after a bicycle bump.

Signs for Family Members
Join Teacher Melinda to learn the signs for a few family members. Learn how to make the sign for mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, cousin, aunt and uncle.

Learning About Feelings – Accidents
What is an accident? In this Second Steps lesson puppets, Sally and Tommy, will show you how an accident might happen. Sally does a nice job using her words to help Tommy understand.

My ABC Toybox Consonant Sounds
Join Teacher Edith in singing about the things she finds in her ABC toybox. This is a great way to practice using your consonant sounds.

Song – 3 Bees
Whether at home or at school our “3 bees” are important. Sing with Teacher Pedra and learn some ways how you can be friendly, be safe and be a worker at home.

Using a Pacing Board
This parent guide video describes how to use a pacing board with your child to help support speech and language development! See how using a dot strip can help your child listen, watch, and engage in language use as you model grammatically correct sentences in play and everyday activities.

Obstacle Course
Building an obstacle course is a great way to work on motor planning, balance, strength, and following motor commands. You can use tape or chalk to create a course inside or outside. Get creative and add or change parts to meet your child’s needs.

Song – 5 In the Bed
How many can fit in a bed? There’s five in this one… but wait! The little one says “roll over” – she wants more room! Count and sing along with Teacher Pedra. Can you join-in when it’s time to roll over?

Learning About Feelings – Angry
Teacher Jill continues her lessons about feelings. Today Jill has her puppet friend, Sally, with her and will discuss why Sally feels angry and what can be done to help.

The Perfect Nest
Why would a Cat need to build a nest? Find out as you listen to The Perfect Nest, written by Catherine Friend and illustrated by John Manders. Thank you to Scholastic Publishing for permitting teachers to read these stories aloud.

Learning About Feelings – Surprised
Teacher Jill shares a story about Ethan and how he is surprised by something he sees.

Learning to Use Scissors
Grab your scissors and follow along with this fun alligator chant! Find out a little bit about the progression of learning to cut.

Learning About Feelings – Sad
How do we know when someone is feeling sad? Teacher Jill helps us explore some things to notice when others are sad and offers ideas about how to help them feel better.

Learning About Feelings
Teacher Jill gives us an introduction about feelings. She tells a story about a boy named Alex who enjoys swinging outside and how this makes him feel happy.

Circle Time May 18 – Bryan
Join Teacher Bryan in circle time. Sing along to the song 5 little monkeys. Keep your eyes on the book as you learn that O’MacDonald has more than just animals on his farm. I wonder what his surprise box has in store for us today? If you sit, look and listen you will find out!

Standing on One Foot
Time to practice balancing on one foot! This skill can be hard, but this video will show you how your mom, dad, or your favorite stuffed animal can help make it easier and more fun. Balancing on one foot is an important skill to learn because it will help you with so many skills when you’re older like hopping and skipping! Parent tip: Try singing a favorite song while you are balancing together to encourage a longer hold.

My ABC Toybox for Vowels
Join Teacher Edith in singing about the things she finds in her toybox. This is a great way to practice using your vowels sounds.

Song – 5 Little Monkeys
Oh no! Those five little monkeys are jumping on the bed! What happens? Count and sing along with Teacher Pedra. Don’t forget to sing along as you imitate the gross motor movements!

Focusing Attention 2
Teacher Jill shares a social situation about Danny, who cannot remember what his teacher asked him to do. Come listen to how Danny solved his problem by focusing his attention to be able to join his friends at the art table.

Rosie’s Walk
Rosie the Hen walks all over the barn yard, but someone is following her. Look out Rosie! Written by Pat Hutchins and published by MacMillian Publishing.

Pippo Gets Lost
This story is about Tom and the many emotions he feels while he looks for his friend, Pippo. Written by Helen Oxenbury and published by Little Simon Publishing in 1998.

Song – Baby Bumble Bee
Catch that bee and follow along with Teacher Pedra as she sings the Bumble Bee song. Don’t forget to imitate the gross motor actions!

My Communication Toolbox
Tips for parents from Teacher Edith: Learn about why and how children communicate. Discover how to help build tools in your child’s communication toolbox! This video and more information can also be found at

Bryan Circle – May 4
Join Teacher Bryan in circle time! You’ll learn how to take off like a rocket and get a special musical treat as you practice how to STOP and GO while dancing to the guitar music. There’s always the surprise box… what will be inside this week? Tune in to find out.

Fine Motor: Play on the Fence
Did you know sponges can build your fine motor skills and provide a fun way to make letters? Check out these playful techniques to help with pre-academic learning and to develop stronger fine motor skills.

Counting with the ABC’s by Edith Bowlby
Sing along as you count 10 fun ABC items! When you get to 10, have fun jumping or even holding hands and jumping together!

Creating a Visual Schedule
Find out why a visual schedule works for some kids and how to use one to support your daily routines in your home. Teacher Melissa walks you through ideas on how to create one that works for you. She also models how to present the schedule to your child and prompts that you may need to reinforce the activity that is next on the schedule. We thank her daughter for helping model the concept!

Song – 5 Green and Speckled Frogs
Join the five frogs! Remember to sing along as they disappear one by one. Follow Teacher Pedra’s led by imitating the gross motor movements.

Focusing Attention
Teacher Jill and her puppet Sally are back! Join them in learning how to focus your attention. Teacher Jill also explains how to make your own ‘attenta-scopes’.

Circle Time with Teacher Pedra
Join circle time as Teacher Pedra starts with the expectations of whole body listening and transitions into a book “Where is My Teddy” by Jez Alborough. We want to thank Candlewick Press, for allowing us to share this book. Have fun counting and singing along with the Five Little Ladybugs. Next, get ready to work on the letter “B”. I wonder what items the mystery box will contain! Can you find items in your home that start with the letter “B”?

Circle Time with Teacher Bryan
Join Teacher Bryan as he reviews our circle time expectations, sings about Five Little Ducks, shares what we can do when we are feeling sick or happy, reads a story about bugs, and opens the surprise box to try a new food.

Parent Tips/Ideas: Sensory Table
Sensory Tables – A classroom favorite! Teacher Pedra shares things you can do in a sensory table and the language use that can be targeted with children while playing.

Story: Spence is Small
Spence discovers that maybe it isn’t so bad to be small after all. Written and illustrated by Crista Chevalier and published by Albert Whitman & Co, Spence is Small is a lovely story about the things that make each one of us special and how we can use our strengths to help one another.

Using Core / Communication Boards
Communication or ‘Core’ boards assist children who have difficulty using oral language to effectively communicate. This tool is used in many of our classes to facilitate positive communicative interactions. Teacher Melissa describes how to use a core board and provides a video interaction as an example so you can learn how to use a core board at home with your child.

Little Blue Truck
Teacher Morning reads The Little Blue Truck, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, while sitting in her own truck. This story tells us about the importance of friends helping one another to succeed!

Singing – If You’re Happy and You Know It
This is a favorite!

Singing – The More We Get Together
Teacher Pedra teaches us the signs to be able to join in signing with her.

Listening and Sharing
Listening is an important skill in building friendships. Teacher Jill helps us remember the important steps involved in listening and sharing.

Circle Time with Teacher Bryan
Join teacher Bryan in some fun song-based circle time activites. You will sign and join in 3 activity songs (Hands Go Slow, Head-Shoulderds-Knees-and Toes, and BINGO). Teacher Bryan also has his surprise box with a special tool to use in the last song.

Join teacher Edith in singing, signing, and blowing bubbles. Try adding some of your own bubbles for some extra fun!

Homemade Sensory Table
Sensory tables are a great way to engage preschoolers in a variety of learning activities while proving to be calming for many. Follow these simple steps with items you can find around your house to make your own sensory table. Encourage your child to help you add materials and items.

Story: Dear Zoo
Teacher Amy reads Dear Zoo written and illustrated by Rod Campbell. Thanks to Scholastic Publishing for permitting teachers to read these books to children during this school closure time.

Open and Shut Them Song
Time to stand up and get moving. Sing along to Open and Shut them song to learn some of our favorite opposites (e.g., big/small, hot/cold, fast/slow).

Circle Time with Teacher Bryan
Teach Bryan reviews our circle time expectations to participate. He sings 3 Green and Speckled Frogs, tells the Hungry Caterpillar story, and does a surprise box with a new food (applesauce).

Using Our Waiting Hand
Sometimes when we want something it can be helpful to have a strategy. The waiting hand gives children a way to wait without getting upset or frustrated that it may take awhile to get it, especially when waiting for play or preferred items.

Circle Time
Teacher Pedra leads us through circle time. With permission from Scholastic she reads Hattie and the Fox. Teacher Pedra also sings the interactive songs ‘Where is Thumbkin’ and ‘Open and Shut Them’ and reviews the letter M.

Song: Wheels on the Bus
It’s music time! Join Teacher Pedra as she sings the ‘Wheels on the Bus’.

Teacher Krista signs the ABCs…why don’t you join along?

Washing Our Hands
It is important to remember to regularly wash our hands. Sometimes it helps to sing a song so we scrub for the correct amount of time!

First-Then Boards
Teacher Melissa shows us how to make and use first-then boards at home. First-then boards are used to help children feel supported in doing non-preferred activities (e.g., picking up their toys) by getting to do a preferred activity (e.g., playing outside) right after they complete the first task.

How to Make Music Shaker Bottles
Use materials you can find around your house to make music shaker bottles with you children. Teacher Shanda shows us how.

Circle Time: April 6, 2020
Teacher Chrystal reads the Scholastic book Daddy Snores, shares how we can follow our 3 Bees (Be Safe, Be Friendly, Be a Worker) at home, reviews letters A-N, and does calendar.

This Is How We Listen
Teacher Jill and her puppet Sally demonstrate what it looks, sounds, and feels like to do our best listening. They also sing the listening song!

No Cook Play-Doh Recipe
Follow this simple recipe to make your own play-doh at home.

Circle Time: April 1, 2020
Teacher Chrystal checks-in on emotions, reads a fish story, sings some songs, reviews our alphabet sounds, and starts our April calendar.

Social Story: Why Are We Not in School?
This social story may help children understand that we can’t be at school right now because of sharing coughs and sneezes, that their teachers care for them, and that we will return to school when everyone is healthy.

How to Make a Communication Board at Home
How you can use everyday materials you find around your house to make a simple communication board. Communication boards are a great tool to assist children who lack the ability to speak orally to be able to effectively communicate with another person.

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