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Oregon Routes helps to improve the overall transportation experience for students, parents, and staff by providing a reliable supplement for school transportation needs.

Alleviate Oregon's Driver Shortage

Oregon Routes aims to address the ongoing driver shortage in Oregon by providing a pool of qualified drivers who can transport students when traditional yellow buses may not be an ideal fit or option. This helps ensure that students have access to reliable transportation services.

Safe Student Transport

Oregon Routes provides safe and reliable transportation for students with special needs or behavioral needs. The program allows districts to assign specific drivers who have the necessary training and qualifications to transport these students. By matching drivers with students based on their needs, Oregon Routes creates a secure, comfortable, and most importantly, safe environment for these students.

Financial Benefit for Districts

One of the financial benefits for school districts is that the state provides reimbursement for the costs associated with the Oregon Routes program. This helps alleviate the financial burden on districts and allows you to allocate resources to other important areas.

Financial Benefit for Drivers

Drivers who participate in the Oregon Routes program are paid a per mile/per student rate, which puts money directly into their pockets. This provides an opportunity for drivers to earn income while providing a valuable service to the community.

Easy-to-Navigate Portal

Oregon Routes provides an easy-to-navigate portal that allows school districts to input student and driver information, as well as schedule and edit routes. This streamlines the administrative process and makes it more efficient for districts to manage their transportation needs.

Join us on the journey to improve transportation for Oregon’s students. We look forward to working with you and making a positive impact in our state.

Oregon Routes Pilot Program

Administrators - we are now signing up new districts and communities for our pilot program. Inquire today and help get all your students safely to class!

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