Our student population is made up of the following unique qualities and differences:

13% Hispanic
63% White
African American
1% African American
Native American/Alaskan
2% Native American / Alaskan
1% Asian
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
.01% Hawaiian / Pacific Islander
8% Multiracial
  • 4% English Learners
  • 11% with Special Education eligibility
  • 32% with Free and Reduced Lunch eligibility
  • 3% Homeless

Our 12 Districts

Our three-county region serves twelve unique communities that include 37,000 students across 89 individual school buildings. Most of our districts are considered rural and are spread across 93 miles, from the coastal shores to the base of the Santiam Mountains. Our largest district is ranked the 15th largest in the state with 9,300 students. The majority of LBL's student services are for children with unique exceptionalities like social-emotional or behavioral needs, Special Education identification, at-risk for school failure, poverty and/or homelessness, residential or intensive day treatment, and early intervention. We encourage all people, from all backgrounds and experiences to join us in our efforts to offer ethical, equitable, and effective educational services across our three counties.