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Home School Testing

Update 4.20.2020 from ODE

In response to questions about why testing for home school students cannot just be waived like those of public schools students.

The issue of home school testing is a tricky one because it is written into law (ORS 330.035), which means that the Legislature would need to make any changes. The August 15 testing deadline, however, is written into rule by the State Board of Education (OAR 581-021-0026); this provides us an opportunity to request postponement until November 1.

I have spoken with many of our home school testers and home schooling families and I can appreciate the frustrations with this timeline. Under the current circumstances, however, this is the only legal remedy we may pursue.

Update 4.17.2020 from ODE

In working with our Legal Director, we decided to wait until May to present our rule change to the State Board regarding the August 15 deadline for home school testing. Asking for the extension in May (5/22) will allow for more time for testing (extension of the deadline to November, rather than October).

Given the extraordinary circumstances, we are confident that the rule change will be accepted. I will send out an official answer when I have it.

Thank you for letting your communities know that we are working on this and hope to have a solution next month.

Update 4.9.2020 from ODE

We are taking the issue of Home School Testing to the State Board of Education on the 16th. I will have an update after that. Please remind your networks that the Governor’s orders apply only to public education, everything else must go through a rule change process.

On 3/20/2020, The Trump administration announced that states can cancel federally required public school testing this year. The Oregon Department of Education filed a request to waive public school tests such as the Smarter Balanced Assessment this year.

The laws and rules that govern Home School instruction and testing in Oregon are not impacted by this waiver and, at this point, home schooling families are still required to test their children at the ends of grades 3, 5, 8, and 10 by the August 15 deadline.

The Oregon Department of Education has said that, in May, it will reevaluate the viability of home school testing and issue further guidance.

There is no opt-out from home school testing. The Student Assessment Bill of Rights (ORS 329.479) permits parents of public school students to opt-out of Oregon’s Smarter Balanced assessment, and does not apply to home school students.

Please review the following pages for home school testing resources and information:

Home School – Contact

Program Administrator:
Ann Lavond

Home School Registrar:
Sam Rounsavell


School District Contacts
For families in the 12 districts of Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties.

Community College Contacts
Local community colleges offering GED and other resources to older home school students.

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