WebSIS is a web-based student information system. Student enrollment, demographics, and contact data is managed in WebSIS and automatically shared with the other SIS applications. WebSIS also provides direct, automated online state reporting to the Oregon Department of Education (ODE). LBL works closely with ODE to ensure WebSIS has the latest state reporting requirements.

Additional data sharing processes include:

  • Automated synchronization of Oregon Student Secure IDs
  • Weekly state test score downloads to WebSIS
  • Automated uploads to the University of Oregon SWIS behavior application
  • Nightly data file creations for: Mealtime, Destiny, MIMS, and Nurses Aid

Product Features

  • Student demographics and enrollment
  • Student contact management
  • Immunization
  • Grade history and graduation management
  • Essential Skills and Assessment management
  • English Proficiency tracking
  • Behavior tracking
  • Student Flags
  • Alternative Education management
  • State Reporting (automated and assisted)
  • Extensive suite of reports and data export options
  • Administration Viewer
  • Attendance (Gradebook)
  • Student scheduling and master schedule (SILK)


  • Web-based (access 24/7)
  • User-friendly and minimal training required
  • Quick access to current and historical data
  • Integrated view of student data (enrollment, demographics, contacts, grades, schedule)
  • Automated, online state reporting

More Information

If you are interested in WebSIS, have questions, or would like to schedule a demonstration, please call 541-812-2800.