LBL ESD’s SILK Scheduling module provides sophisticated features and easy to learn tools that simplify the scheduling process. The results are better load performance, fewer conflicts, and a faster route to the final goal: a production schedule for the new school year. Easy menu and tab driven options allow you to move quickly between screens.

SILK Scheduler Features

  • District course catalog management
  • On-line Scheduler Checklist showing each step of the schedule-building process
  • Automatic Course Request rule options
  • Class load variable options
  • Multiple master schedule capability
  • Conflict management options

SILK Maintenance Features

  • Multiple views of student schedule information
  • Add/Update teacher schedules
  • Add/Update student schedules
  • Detail of student dropped/added courses by date
  • Student Quick scheduler option using automatic course requests
  • Ability to schedule students by roster

More Information

If you are interested in SILK, have questions, or would like to schedule a demonstration, please call 541-812-2800.