Registar is a K-12 Education Online Registration System. It is a Web-application with features such as an online course request module, multi-language support, email notifications, online workflow with automated approval processes. Registar eliminates the need for parents to stand in long lines each August filling out the same paperwork they filled out the prior year to register their children. Instead, they simply log in to their Registar account, update the information and their child is registered for the new school year.

The Online Course Request (OLCR) Module is a web application available to students and parents in a district to request courses for the next year. It is directly connected to the Silk Scheduler database, and therefore can access all scheduling information for a student and the school the student is enrolled in. Silk OLCR is a district level application – each district will have a separate web site.

Product Features Online Course Requests

  • Each District has their own web site.
  • Counselors can work one on one with students scheduling their courses.
  • Parents can work with their student scheduling their courses.
  • Directly links with SILK Scheduler in real-time.

Product Features Online Registration

  • Each District has their own web site.
  • During open registration, parents can log in from anywhere, anytime and update their student’s registration information.
  • There is a comprehensive health section, to convey your student’s needs.
  • Parents can view school policies and handbooks directly from the website.


  • Web-based (access 24/7)
  • No more waiting in long lines to register your students.
  • Flexibility to accommodate the parents schedule.
  • No more piles of paperwork to fill out – Everything is done online.

More Information

If you are interested in Registar online enrollment and course requests, have questions, or would like to schedule a demonstration, please call 541-812-2800.