Argos is a web-based application which provides tools to create ad-hoc, simple, or advanced queries to retrieve and analyze data from our data warehouse. An Argos “dashboard” is a customized query that presents data in a specific, formatted layout. The layout may include additional filter options, interactive charts and graphs, and OLAP cubes. Access to Argos is controlled by WebSIS security settings.

LBL ESD provides an extensive set of dashboards. We also work with authorized district administrators or staff to discuss and develop customized dashboards if needed. Unlimited training and support (at no additional cost) is available.

Student Profile Example

Product Features

Argos queries and dashboards enable staff to view, analyze and download student information, including:

  • Student demographics and enrollment
  • Student behavior
  • Grade history and grade “real time” exports from Pinnacle grade book users
  • Essential Skills and Assessment reports
  • English Proficiency analysis and ELPA results that include Excel exports of ELPA strand data
  • Student Flag selections
  • Additional Program Enrollment analysis
  • Alternative Education analysis
  • Extensive suite of reports and data export options
  • Pinnacle user reports
  • District, building and teacher level access


  • Web-based (access 24/7)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Perform ad-hoc queries
  • Ability to work with LBL ESD to create custom dashboards for specific data sets
  • Enables district administrators to make data-driven decisions
  • Ability to view high-level or narrow sub-set of data
  • Unlimited number of users

More Information

If you are interested in Argos, have questions or would like to schedule a demonstration, please call 541-812-2800.