LBL ESD’s Low Voltage Services is now offering School Bus WiFi solutions for school districts.

Bring the classroom to your community! Contact us today for a consultation and quote! Questions can be directed to Steve Folts at 541-812-2695 or

Deploying School Bus Hotspots

Provide direct access to school and community networks via school buses. Antenna output is capable of being tuned to meet the requirements of each school district and community, providing high-speed WiFi access up to a quarter mile in distance.

High-Speed Routing

The system consists of a 4G/LTE Gigabit Multi-Service Broadband Router, removable 4G/LTE cellular modem, an external multi MIMO antenna that includes 4 WiFi, 2 cellular, and a GPS antenna. Districts are able to choose from all major cellular carriers.

Cloud Management

Manage each bus using a third-party cloud management console. A three year license is provided with the original installation. Each bus can be configured to a routine schedule or turned on/off remotely at any time.

School Bus WiFi Flyer

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