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Orig. Posted 9/1/2016
Rev. 10/19/2016

During the summer the LBL Facilities program has been working on water testing for lead. We conducted water testing at the LBL main building, the Farm Home School and Wake Robin.  Following is a summary of results for the locations LBL tested and the other locations that LBL utilizes in partnership with other districts:

  • LBL Main Building
    Of the 29 samples taken 28 came back with lead levels below the EPA acceptable lead action levels.  One sample taken in the basement custodial supply sink came back slightly above the EPA acceptable lead level of 20 ppb (0.02 mg/L).  It was .0219 mg/L. That sink has been disabled. The faucet will be replaced and we will re-test the water before it is available for use again.
    Testing Results
    Retest Results
  • Wake Robin School
    The lead results for the 3 samples from Wake Robin were “non-detect”. This means that the amount of lead was so low it could not be detected by the laboratory’s instrument. Their instrument can accurately measure lead at 2 ppb (0.002 mg/L).
    Testing Results
  • Farm Home School
    Testing Results
    Retest Results

Other locations that LBL utilizes in partnership with other school districts were contacted this summer as well. They have reported the following to LBL about their water testing results:

  • Crawfordsville School
    No lead detected. Sweet Home school district will test again in 2017.
  • Dixie School
    Three sinks tested with numbers exceeding the EPA action level for lead. They are disabled and awaiting faucet replacement and re-testing.
  • Newport and Taft EI/ECSE buildings
    All results were within the EPA’s acceptable levels at this time.
  • Fairmount
    All results were within the EPA’s acceptable levels at this time.

If you have questions about LBL ESD’s water testing process please contact Bonny Ray, Human Resources Assistant Program Manager at 541-812-2712 or email.

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